Friday , August 12 2022

The SABC group illuminates the new classification status


There has been some chaos for some time on the Aberystwyth product distribution network Cameroon breweries. Some distributors, including 15 under contract with & # 39 of the Société Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC) has even decided unilaterally to prevent subsequent sales activities of the alleged software GESGROS then, the purchases for troubleshooting the handling of the Withdrawal of Purchase ( tPSAand setting boundaries following the increase in drink prices in March 2019.

In a press release received by our editors on 1st Last May, the SABC Group recalled that it had engaged with its distributors since 2017 in an extensive modernization project into a distribution that just gives the role of distributors under sole denominator wholesalers and not. for example, from PVL (Provider Provider), a large part of which bravely agreed to transform their activities to join this new distribution status.

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This project, which explains Brasseries of Cameroon, is a triple objective: offering a better service to the Sales Points that have now been contacted by a single distributor for each of them and not to several domains that have now been determined, to digitize the activity with the use of a common operating system of the name GESGROS and improve customer satisfaction with its stores and users. the ultimate aim of this joint activity.

As part of this transformation, the SABC Group informs it that it is in contact with the Directorate General of Taxes. (DGIto review the amount of PSA from wholesalers operating on a serviced margin, thus basing the PSA on the financial turnover but not on the actual turnover composed by the direct profit and the t discounts. In addition, the SABC Group says it is in discussions with the DGI to increase the taxation of its ecosystem by requesting the adoption of an Authorized Control Center (EMS) regime at outlets served by distributors / wholesalers.

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Because, the SABC group believes it is now under a tax burden of 58% on its activity following the last tax reform of 2019 finance law after absorption 5 billion tax effects that are not reflected in the prices of certain products and therefore can not redistribute an additional margin, except, again, to consumers.

Finally, the SABC Group claims to be committed to ensuring that its suppliers fund their stocks through specific credits, the availability of software for monitoring their activities from the name GESGROS, an on-board invoicing system and pre-order with individual accompaniment on their professionalisation.

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