Thursday , January 20 2022

The market is falling back under banking pressure


The market has eliminated almost half the earnings recorded during the last sessions (Thursday and Friday). The index returns below 11,000 points on Monday, losing 0.78%.

The banks were clear on the trend with a 1.51% loss on ATW, which drained the first volume for 11 MDH, and 1.63% on BCP.

Addoha extended his refund and earned 2.41% to 13.62 DH at 7 MDH. Maroc Telecom, fell 0.39% to 139.50 DH.

Only these 4 values ​​recorded more than 1 MDH. In summary, 26 MDH changed hands.

Graphic elements:

In the medium term, the bevel reversal figure departures release a potential potential in the direction of 11,800 points. This potential will only be challenged by including a new annual low index on the index.

In the short term, the opinion remains neutral provided that resistance is 11,100 points straight.
Ultimately, the trend is currently bearish at 12,100 points.

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