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the head of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, rose in turn

Already facing a dark year for his football club, Paris SG's head, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, was charged on Thursday for "active corruption", when investigating suspicions of corruption on Doha's application lines for the World. 2017 and 2019 Athletics.

The judicial inquiry opened in Paris, which also targets the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games, which were awarded in turn to Rio and Tokyo, has been boosted in recent weeks, with the numbering of a number of figures from sport and sport. media.

After hearing in March from Judge Renaud van Ruymbeke, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi did not show on 16 May to reconcile new and was expressed by post, according to compatible sources.

Financial magistrates are thinking of two payments totaling $ 3.5 million, made in 2011 by Oryx Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) – led by Nasser's brother Khalid Al-Khelaïfi – for the benefit of a company sports marketing led by Papa Massata Diack, son of Lamine Diack, former president of the International Athletics Federation. The so-called "PMD" in the media has dealt with the IAAF's marketing rights file for a while.

At that time, Doha was aiming to host the IAAF 2017 World Athletics Championships and the 2020 Olympics.

The financial examiners are trying to decide, in return for these payments, that Lamine Diack, head of athletics from the world from 1999 to 2015, has worked to defer the dates of these two competitions, due to conditions. the countries' weather, and IAAF membership votes for Qatar for the Worlds.

– Suspicious transfers –

In a statement sent to AFP, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi's lawyers, Francis Szpiner and Renaud Semerdjian, challenged any wrongdoing. They ensure that the money paid by Oryx is "perfectly traced" and that their client, who is also the head of the sports chain BeIN, "without validating any payment (…) in connection with the facts t alleged ".

In this case, a relative was expressed to the leader of the PSG Yousef Al-Obaidly, head of the media group bein on March 28, also for "active corruption".

On her behalf, Lamine Diack has been accused of "passive bribery". His son, a refugee in Senegal, has also been targeted since April 18 by arrest warrant for suspicion of "passive bribery" and "aggravated money laundering".

The first transfer took place on October 13, 2011 and the second on 7 November 2011, four days before the IAAF vote. Eventually, London, went into the race after the capital of Qatar, which had won the ticket.

But three years later, Doha has had the World Athletics organization to take place between 27 September and 6 October, another success for this small emirate gas diplomacy was the controversial result. of Mondial-2022 football routine.

These payments were provided for in a Memorandum of Understanding with the company "PMD", Pamodzi, where Oryx Sports Investment promised Qatar to buy TV rights and sponsorship for $ 32.6 million, but provided that Doha had the Worlds -2017, by source close to the file.

Pamodzi acted as the unique agent of IAAF and Dentsu, a Japanese advertising giant, along with the Swiss AMS group, to commercialize these rights. According to Nasser entourage Al-Khelaïfi, they were given 3.2 million dollars, leaving 300,000 euros from commission to Pamodzi.

The contract stated that payments made before the IAAF decision on 11 November 2011 were not "repayable", which was searching in the French courts.

Responsible for investigating a corruption agreement between the IAAF summit and Russia to abolish cases of violence, judges have unveiled the confusion of suspicious transfers, which are under a sporty lobbying or marketing contract, ultimately sparking the Rio and Tokyo a & # 39 Olympics. the Athletics World in Qatar. Common to all these cases: "PMD".

Since Dakar, "PMD" has always rejected accusations of corruption but France's justice has never been able to hear despite an international arrest warrant against it.

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