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The first Israeli lunchtime crew began his journey


He took a rocket from the American SpaceX company down on Thursday from the US, and after the first Israeli cursor to the moon, he has to arrive in seven weeks.

The Falcon 9 rocket moved smoothly by Cape Canaveral in Florida for about 8:45 pm (Quebec time), a shot shot from Israel in the middle of the night by many engineers and mission supporters, and through First Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, from the Aerospace Industries (IAI) Aerospace Industries Aerospace Industries, the project partner.

The second phase of the search release rocket, named Bereshit (Genesis, in Hebrew) must be 33 minutes after it is deleted. The crew will then perform a number of orbits around the Earth, which will be used as a stimulus, with the help of his engine, to take the direction of the Moon second for the first time, for April 11.

It also has the Indonesia satellite rocket and a satellite from the US Air Force.

The enterprise is private, which has been carried out since 2010 by the non-profit organization SpaceIL. But the project is an object of national pride in Israel, where it is repeated that only three countries have managed to alienate, the United States, Russia and China (only Americans have walked on the moon).

Initially, the project responded to the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, which wished to reward $ 30 million for the first private plane to land before March 2018. Nobody was met in time, but SpaceIL's team continued the mission who bought a secondary seat on Rocket SpaceX board (whose main load is an Indonesian satellite).

After initially planning at $ 10 million, the mission costed $ 100 million in the long run, but "here is the cheapest tool to try for such a mission," insists IAI group.

In particular, that's the business and the educator Morris Kahn who funded the development of the robot. "Make us proud," said Thursday at the search address.

The main mission is the moon that owns itself, even if a scientific instrument is taken on board to measure the magnetic field of a picture. Bereshit has planned to continue only a few days.

A capsule in the robot includes digital disks with pictures, songs and children's images of Israel's symbols, memories of Holocost and Bible survivors.

Non-Israeli partners took. SpaceIL will communicate with the search using antenna from the Swedish Space Corporation. NASA has provided its Deep Space Network to return the Bereshit data to Earth. The US Space Agency has also installed a laser retro-reflector on the robot to test the potential of laser for steering space.

India wants to follow

The new interest in the Moon, sometimes called the "eighth continent" of the Earth, globally, in the year 2019 is particularly busy.

China, who had filed her "Jade Bunny" robot in 2013, was sent in January on her hidden side, Chang-e-4, and provides other trips.

India is hoping to become a fifth lunar country in spring with Chandrayaan-2's mission, which will include moon and mobile robot.

Japan intends to send a small lunch excavator, from the name SLIM, to study volcanic area by 2020-2021.

In the case of Americans, the return to Lleuad is now an official NASA policy, according to President Donald Trump's guidelines in 2017.

To achieve this, the US Space Agency is changing its model and no longer wants to design the ideas itself. It has launched tenders for the private space sector, wholly in the US. I would like to send makers by the end of the year, but more likely by 2020, and it has put on the board financial incentives to reward the companies that will be ready for the fastest.

NASA also launched a project of lunch orbit station, which should be completed in 2026, to serve a return of soil landstrip in 2028. The return to Lleuad is seen as preparation for & # 39; w send people on Mars, in the next decade at the earliest.

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