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"The CSC will not wake up against us"

Trainer Franck Dumas encouraged the press and yesterday's press at the stadium 1st-November. The French technician handled a number of JSK news issues including this afternoon match against the CSC, recording the 12th update.

The trainer appears confident but also skeptical of the defense champion that goes through a difficult period of results. "You always have to pay attention to an injured animal. In front of the USMA, he scored a nice goal. A defender's champion does not disappear like that, overnight. There are still some survival, so it will inevitably and waking up from one minute to another, maybe during their next game, but not against us. "

"I have an idea of ​​the strengths and weaknesses of the objector"

After inviting his opinion on the quality of his opponent of the day, Dumas admits he has watched the CSC games but does not talk about the strengths and weaknesses of Constantinois. "As we've been going since the start of the season, I can watch the opponents' games. Our opponents meet and that allowed me to save time. If you & I'm asking me the strengths and weaknesses, I will not give them because they will change everything. "

"We do not have any injuries, here's the most important"

Apart from Tizi-Bouali who is being arrested and a sister who is still in Burundi to renew her visa, technical staff have prepared this game against the CSC with full staff. "We've just stopped us and most importantly, we do not have any injuries for this game. To tell you everything is going well, the preparation is good. We're doing well. The story of the 21 days without playing was more complicated for control. Until everything is very good yesterday. "

"We did not prepare special"

In terms of preparing this game, the special trainer says. "We did not make a special preparation. We always take good practice and we do not change anything. We have always organized the green, the day before the game and from noon so that players can eat it; what's needed, then rest, perform the last training before returning to the hotel. It's a nice newspaper. "

"We have to play the game and get the"

Always in this register, the Kabyles trainer believes that his team is called to play the game and look for the shortcomings to win the field battle. "You have to put the ingredients competitive and ambitious. We play at home, so we need to set a speed for the game, with the ball's possession and a bit more willingness to go on. "

"I'm positive to extreme and the results give me a reason"

Franck Dumas is confident that he will win this game and continue with a second win that will allow his team to close the leading gap in the championship. "I have been confident since the start of the season not only for this game. I'm positive to the full, and the results give me a reason and they do not know why I want to suspect. Each team has its features, features, shortcomings and we have to pay attention and enjoy all that. "

"Replace Tizi-Bouali? You will be today»

They were asked for the player who will replace the exiled guardian Bilal Tizi-Bouali, who has received three interim games, including a sentence to stop and lose his team, Franck Dumas prefers to reveal her. "I have to replace Tizi-Bouali. Between Slama and Souyad? Tomorrow you will be.

"We've already won without a son"

Author four times a last Friday with the Burundian choice against South Sudan, the Fiston attacker will be the great absent tonight against the CSC. The first manager of the technical bar, certainly worries about the absence of his player, but he does not believe it is not desirable. "We lost Sonny due to the change of dates, it should have been there, but with these programs it is impossible. We play in the FIFA date and we have to deal with it. We're not going to grumble because we have a competitive player that can replace them and they have already experienced that. That's no longer worrying me, because we have already won it without. It scored four strokes, Graceful.

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Preparing Winter

«We will do an 8 day internship at Rabat»

For the next winter camp and as we announced, in the Saturday issue, the JSK decided to decide its programming in Morocco. Dumas Trainer, who met with the leaders on Saturday night, confirming the decision.

"Yes, we met Saturday with the president and he is familiar to announcing what was decided. We prepare a Moroccan Winter between 3 and 11 December in Rabat. If we go For Rabat, there is an exceptional FUS training center. All the conditions are fine for good preparation. We will not need to fly 6 hours or 7 hours to be able to work properly .

"Only one friendly game has to plan against the FUS"

The fellows of Nabil Saadou will play a friendly game during their work in Morocco. The leaders of the JSK have taken with the leaders of the Moroccan club, the FUS for drawing possible preparation. "As a rule, we managed to organize a friendly game. This has not yet been confirmed, but in principle we will face the FUS. The journey in Algeria will start a little early, but that is not # 39 do not worry me because it's all the clubs and not just the JSK. I do not have to understand, but just tidy up and adjust. "

"We realize performance and results, it's nice"

So far, the JSK has managed to win a very honorary course by coping with good results. Franck Dumas believes that this is not the result of an opportunity. "We are moving forward and from a more technical perspective, we can assimilate it to confidence, maturity and if we mix all of these positive points, it can give something. But trust is more important. I will ask the players to win first, once they have given them individual and collective tools to be more successful.The result is the result. We realize performance and results, it's nice, but the focus is the result always my best friend is the result I'm relying on players and we try to work together and find solutions. "

"Casoni was right when he said that the trainer in Algeria is where he" s touched to work "

While continuing with statements, the trainer shares the opinion of the old MCA coach, Bernard Casoni, who recently said that he has only done the real trainer in Algeria. "

"I'm reading an interview with Bernard Casoni who said:" Coach in Algeria, I really touch your job and I'll believe it's fine The weight is not mentioned because it is part of everyday lives but it's so passionate, so boring, so we are waiting for what we are looking for.The unity between the fans and & The players are, and they are minutes, sometimes short, but we're trying to do it as long as possible. "

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Her everyday life in Kabylie

"People have always welcomed me as a king"

Five months since he arrived in Kabylie, the French technician already feels at home. The trainer talks about the generosity of people who welcome him and other members as kings wherever they go. "I feel very well in Kabylie. I like the world and people. In Kabylia or elsewhere, my behavior is always the same and will not change I feel calm and go on well with other staff, even off the pitch. With occasional nights and nights, we'll go to Eat at the restaurant and go out for visits. People have always welcomed us as kings. "

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Team trip so far

"We did not take our place on the podium"

To question the remarkable progress of his team that is improving in the game, Dumas explains: "I believe we do not bring this second place and we have the ambition to stay on the podium. 39; The work we've been doing for a long time is now beginning to bear fruit. We do not join a series of ex-performances, but we are seeking asylum. Today we are constantly and we are rewarded by the where we occupy it. Ambition not only depends on my home but it also needs to come from the players. It's shared and common. I work on performance and progress and on the result. We have a different job but ultimately we come together. "

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Window transfer / winter

"If there is a recruitment, it would be with young people"

With a winter transfer window method the first manager in the technical bar does not intend to strengthen its workforce by positive players. The trainer wants to break his group. He even pays homage for what he has been doing since the beginning of the season. "The biggest goal, we published it from the beginning. Progress and young people should not change it. It's still known now if the recruitment we want to do is & # 39 , the one that has targeted, embodies young people with quality. Honestly, I do not think to recruit positive players. We have a goal and one important thing is that I really want to respect what he did in This group I'm not here to break the group, I think this is the worst of humor, I have to respect and continue in our project, so, if recruited, it would be with people young. "And add:" Everyone will be there during the return period and no player will be released. "

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Uche performances

"Its only problem lies in the language"

After inviting his opinion on the Uchean attacker who starts to wake up ill, Dumas does not doubt what the center's merits are. For the coach, the only problem that a Nigerian attacker lies in the language, but he makes efforts to learn French to be able to communicate well. "Uche has always worked and continues to work, but has a little problem with the language. He's learning French and his relationship with players is getting easier. & # 39; n makes a lot of effort to learn French.

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"Its integration is not fast but not late either"

Franck Dumas believes that Rezki Hamroune has taken time to adapt to the JSK. "Hamroune's integration is not fast, but it is not late. It takes time for the understanding of the championship and level understanding. Not because you sign to JSK that you will start Initially, players are necessarily better than you, but if you are in the JSK, so you have the potential so it's fast to work and test your qualities. "

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Changing tactics

"All risks paid!"

Regarding his changes in tactics or players in each game, the Yellow and Green driver says that he is part of the club's project. "Sometimes you think I'm taking risks, but that's not me the reason for that, because I need these transparencies. If I play it team every time, you will ask me why, I do not give others an opportunity. So our project is very clear and I believe that all the risks have paid. "

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Violence in a stadium

"If Algeria wants to grow, he must secure his football"

The French technician is surprised by the violence at Algeria stadium and reactions and supporters to all hit. "I'm astonished by what's happening after the games in Algeria. I understand that he can fear some players and also trainers to come to work in Algeria. She thinks she's up to the government or football authorities to impose sanctions. One can not see it as events and accidents for a football game. I can understand that Algeria's football is a part of life, but It's still a football game. You can not let your hate on someone else after disappointment or defeat, it's getting dangerous. In my opinion, you have to. working with the Alliance and the government. As in France, they demand a lot to put cameras. In England, answers have been found to give vandalism to the best. "

"Algeria is a great country, if it wants to grow it must secure its football".

"I know binational people who do not reject Algeria because of the hedge"

Similarly, the trainer shows he knows Franco-Algeria players who refused to play in Algeria because of uncertainty. "I know some binoculars who prefer to stay in France than to come to Algeria in the first section because they are not very simple. It may be just an excuse, but I'm afraid. to train and not give advice and this is still in my opinion. If tomorrow we will attack the families that come to the stadium, it will be more complicated. "

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Partnership contracts with clubs in lower divisions

"To lend young people and get back there"

Before finishing, Franck Dumas was eager to notify that partnership and exchange agreements will be signed soon with divisional clubs to lend players and # 39; u enable you to continue to be competitive. "I expect the president to explain a bit, as we have talked about potential partnership projects and exchanges with clubs from divisions. When we talk about hopeful players, there are some who are mature and others who are less mature. So with this partnership project, we have this option to lend players to enable them to save time and ability to recover later. Instead of warming up; They sign up contracts and give them to other clubs. The new stadium will allow us to practice in good conditions and move on in our project.

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Victory to come closer to USMA

The Yellow and Green have seven points behind the USMA leading and they have no choice but to beat the CSC to close the gap between them and the leader. They can restart the title race provided they win in the last two matches of the first leg against the CSC and CABBA respectively until the return period. They will never mention the title, but they will be able to defend their chances skilfully, because in the light of what they have shown in previous meetings, they have nothing to dislike the USMA or # 39 ; the other opponents for the title. They leave favorites against the CSC, but they must be very vigilant of this team who can return at any time even if his empty piece continues since the start of the championship. They have to take advantage of their good momentum to continue with a second consecutive success that will bring them closer to the USA while waiting for the last day of the first round of the championship against CABBA.

Franck Dumas Trainer will certainly bring changes to the previous game against NAHD, but everyone warned by saying that with one of us we can not predict the start with the JSK. In defense, Belaïli could start with this despite the Aït-Abdeslam's good performance against NAHD. In accordance, he would probably align Souyed alongside Saadou because of Tizi-Bouali's suspension. In the middle, Benyoucef should also be returned, while assaulting, it should not be changed.

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The jobs that want to strengthen Dumas

According to a source close to the manager, trainer Franck Dumas would have told the leaders that he wanted to recruit playmaker and at least one on to the next winter transfer window.

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The contract contract with ENIEM from January

According to an authorized source, JSK leaders have agreed with ENIEM officials to sign a partnership agreement. Nothing has been signed yet, but the contract signing will not be the sole form. It will not come into force until next January.

Mellal: "We will try to recruit 2 or 3 good young people"

President Cherif Mellal finished to guess for yesterday about the next winter mercato control. In fact, he revealed in an interview with the club's website that he could hire 2 to 3 young people at the end of the first round of the championship. "We see two to three good young people. We will not return anyone because these young people have to join the group. We have a disciplined youth workforce and we must continue in this policy , "says President Mellal for strengthening the team or not at the end of the first leg.

"As well as their talent, these young people must be disciplined and accepted by the JSK rules"

President Mellal has refused to disclose the names of the players who intend to participate in the next winter transfer window, arguing that it is early to talk about this, but he gave clues to & # 39; The elements that he will recruit in the next few days. "We still have time to publish the players we want to see, but we will not look at the names not only. We will see if they will join the group, if they get disciplinary and if they accept club rules. From now on, the control must be tough with the team and we should never forget the discipline, "explained president and JSK in statements given to the club site.

"We mentioned the recruitment, the dedication in Morocco and the objectives with Dumas in the evening before yesterday"

Finally, the meeting was held between President Mellal and technical staff members under the guidance of coach Franck Dumas last Saturday. The president of the JSK said and spoke about his meeting with his coach that he turned solely on recruitment. "We always consult each other. Dumas, his deputies, Ait-Tahar and other leaders. During this meeting, we talked about the need to strengthen the group and & The players we need or not. We also mentioned how we manage the transfer window, the winter camp and how we will continue. Franck Dumas gave his opinion on that and we came to a conclusion. "

"We chose Morocco for the course, because we will play a friendly game against the Rabat team"

In terms of choosing the course of internship in Morocco, President Mellal explained: "We chose Morocco, because there will be all the conditions for good preparation. There is also a team of Rabat who has agreed to us for a friendly game. I'll be preparing a week well in Morocco. "

"JSK will return to the top with these young people"

As soon as he took over the club, President Mellal's President had announced his intention to regenerate the workforce by sending all the elements that were not rewarding. Time proved to be fine and he was reminding at the interview he gave to the club's website. "There's a success here. The young people gave complete satisfaction. JSK will return to the top with these young people, however, we will need stability. We will follow the same policy and I will sure JSK will be able to say. "

"We are satisfied with this 2e place "

Speaking about his team's second team two days before the end of the first leg, President Mellal stated in his statement that he was satisfied with the journey so far. "We are satisfied with this second place. We must not go back. We must continue on this path to make further progress. The defeat awarded to the USMA did not affect the players who presented a great match against NAHD. We have always said that we have to go ahead and we must not go back. We are applying for our project and we must continue working to do it. reality. "

"We have proven that the names and confirmed players do not make the team, despite the criticism of some fans"

After most players have been discharged during the last year, President Mellal has regenerated his squad despite the pressure he has made by some supporters to recruit names. "It has proven that players and positive names do not make the team. Along with the rigor, solidarity, discipline and work that a great team assembles. There are other club policies was wrong. Some fans had criticized recruiting last summer, but these young people answered them on the ground, "he said on the club site.

"The Sonatrach MCA has pulled the best players back, but it has been shown that what others do is wrong"

Although JSK does not have a large budget compared to the ESS, the MCA, the CSC and the USMA, it has done good work in the first step by betting on gifted young people. "We do not have a big budget like clubs, the MCA, for example, has been Sonatrach and it has come back the best players, but we've shown what these clubs do. The important thing is to focus on young people and training The players paid bonuses and payrolls were regulated The JSK financial situation is excellent We are better than other teams, because we are giving up team in very good conditions, "President Mellal explained at his interview.

"We must reconcile our efforts to stay at the top"

President Mellal is very confident about the rest of the trip. "I'm optimistic for the future. As long as we work, we will move on. We are not responsible for the performance, but thanks to the work we are there. we do not go down. We must reconcile our efforts to stay at the top. We will soon find Africa and even the titles, but we must not put pressure on our players. The academy and the training center are part of the project and everything works well at the moment. There is a good atmosphere in the group. The competition is difficult and the coach of its kind of team, but it's always changing that some players give everyone the chance, "he continued.

"We seized the CAS to earn some pay"

The president spoke again to the players who undertook the CRL. "This problem is about managing. Last year we went out with 0 Dinar with the CRL. This season, we want to earn wages with the players that have taken advantage of the CRL. protecting the JSK interest. We are aware of the situation. There are people who want to interfere with us, but they will not succeed, there is strong leadership, "he said at the club's website.

"The disciplinary committee is the solicitor who cares for it"

After calling for today by the League and Disciplinary Committee, the Mellal President will be represented by the club lawyer. "The club lawyer was responsible for this file. A concrete file was ready to protect the interests of the club. We know that our case is right and we will not let it go."

"We need 6 points against the CSC and the CABBA"

President Mellal wants his refill team in the last two games. "The game against the CSC is not easy. We will protect our opportunities thoroughly. We need to have 6 points in the last two games against CSC and CABBA, we have the way to re-fill. We will tell our supporters to come out and be fair. Players should put the example on the green rectangle and they are in the stalls. The attacks must stop, because we should not forget that families come. They have to support the team to the end, "it's hoping.

"We have repaired Berkani with an apartment and we're ready to help the elders in need"

President Mellal is committed to helping those who suffer anonymously. For him, if the JSK is where she is now, she's thank all the elderly who had served him body and soul. "We have repaired Berkani with an apartment until he has an apartment. We will help him get social housing. If there are others in need, we will help them. Thanks to the former players who served the club we are there, we will not forget them. I will tell them that the current managers have not forgotten, "said President Mellal at the JSK website.

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