Monday , January 24 2022

The CLCV association denies the presence of pesticides in animal pest collars


It is a discovery that could have serious consequences. The CLCV consumer association denies the presence of potentially neurotoxic pesticides in our pet’s anti-parasitic collars. Gold, nine out of ten owners use this type of product typus.

According to Léa Lamblin, part of CLCV society, we must take precautions : “These are products that are sold on a self-service basis and without any special notice, but these products are toxic and deserve specific treatmentHe added “it is essential to wear gloves when applying the product,” ventilation after treatments and especially not to let the newly treated animals sleep with you, especially the children ”.

Léa Lamblin also states that “after use, pest control treatments should not be thrown in a garbage can because they require special treatment for their composition and of the risks they pose for the environment but at a recycling center or bring it back to a specialty shop “.

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