Thursday , May 26 2022

Supporters of Moroccan Judaism were collected in Marrakech until November 18


At present 250 Jews from Morocco are being collected in Marrakesh until November 18, to discuss the identity and connection between a Moroccan from overseas and their extraction country, at a meeting organized by the Morocan community council to a foreign country ( CCME).

So "teachers, academics, opinion leaders and business community, journalists, researchers or artists will take part in various activities and conferences," details the Maghreb HuffPost.

Among these are André Azoulay, advisor of King Mohammed VI, president of the Moroccan Israeli Communities Council (CCIM) Serge Berdugo, "historian Michel Abitbol, ​​journalist and author Salomon Malka, but also Professor of Mohamed Tozy , anthropologist Faouzi Skali and Kamal Hachkar film maker ".

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It will include the idea of ​​"Moroccan exemption" in a reference to the coexistence of Muslims and Jews in the kingdom, sometimes sometimes undermining a fragile opinion to Israel, which pushes the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries. two countries, and who have been unsuccessful to stop the intense economic exchanges between Morocco and Israel.

Georges Bensoussan has been prosecuted by the controversial CCIF for denouncing Muslim domestic anti-Semitism (photo credit: Claude Truong-Ngoc / Wikimedia Commons)

Moroccan Jews have also experienced pogrom rupture. Historian Georges Bensoussan remembered in 2012 "Oujda and Djérada pogroms (June 7, 1948) where more than 45 Jews were killed in incredible conditions."

The conference will also focus on the possibilities for "the Moroccan communities abroad to take part in the contract unit role, from the power of a proposal to combine the connections between the origin and admission land".

Moroccan Jewish immigrants arriving at Dorval Airport in Montreal in the 1960's (Authorization)

A crucial question when we know that today Israel has about 800,000 citizens from Morocco, and that Jewish communities are important in France, Canada and the US.

Over the years, the Jewish community in Morocco has broken and currently has less than 4,000 people, including less than 200 in Rabat, according to the figures of the Jewish Communities Council in Morocco.

Before the 1940s, the Jewish population numbered almost 280,000. In 1948, after the creation of the State of Israel, he won over 90,000 Pledge Land.

The second wave immersed with the independence of Morocco in 1956, the departure of the French followed by threatening the protection of the Jewish population.

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