Saturday , January 22 2022

Re-election Baddou Bee to the GFIA Executive Committee


BBaddou, the Director General of the Federation of Insurance and Resettlement Companies (FMSAR), has recently been re-elected to the Executive of the World Association of Insurance Association (GFIA), at the General Assembly held in Luxembourg on November 8th at present.

There are 2th The mandate is a succession that Bachir Badou sits on the GFIA Executive to represent Africa and the Middle East, informing FMSAR.

The Mexican market representative chairs this Committee now, which replaces its American predecessor, and consists of five representatives, in this case, European Insurance (which represents & All European federations), Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Morocco.

Bachir Baddou, Director of the Transportation Insurance Company (CAT) and Former President of the African Insurance Institute (OAA), is the first representative and only in Africa and Arab to join, in November 2016, the Executive of this organization. An important world federation, underlines the FMSAR.

"Mr Baddou's re-election of the GFIA Committee is a national and regional achievement and demonstrates its valuable and valuable contribution in the work of GFIA," added the source.

After setting up on October 9, 2012, at a Washington insurance association meeting, the Global Federation of Insurance Associations (GFIA) represent national and regional insurance associations with different organizations, such as national governments and governments. international regulators.

GFIA currently has societies and federations from 61 countries that represent 87% of the annual premiums published worldwide.

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