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No, Britney isn't better! –


Since Britney Spears's depression in 2008, the singer's father is too invasive and doesn't let him freedom.
In fact, the fear of having her daughter makes the wrong choices encourages her to make all the decisions in her place and manage her money, her career and all aspects of her life.
Britney, who is already under guardianship for many years in California, is not even allowed to use her phone today. She faced her father on 10 May at Los Angeles court to review this decision.

According to TMZ, Jamie Spears, who had forced her daughter into a mental hospital a few months ago, would like her to be guarded in three other American countries of Louisiana, Hawaii and Florida. The US website shows Britney's three favorite destinations.
And as if that wasn't enough for the singer, she faces the harsh rejection of her husband, Kevin Federline, to let her see her two children. I think Britney can't deal with it again … t

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