Monday , January 17 2022

Nissan is already arranging after Ghosn


Soon after 4 pm on Thursday (8 am in Paris), members of the Nissan board begin an incredible meeting in a camera at the group's headquarters in Yokohama, to officially reject Carlos Ghosn and Greg Kelly, one of & # 39; to nearest alliances, of titles on the board. Renault managers, who are present in this section, should mainly follow France, through a video conferencing system, before being connected to the final vote.

If the decision should not be unanimous, it seems that Nissan believes that he will have a majority vote to get rid of Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested by a Monday night by the Tokyo prosecutor's office, on suspicion of financial misconduct.

Hiroto Saikawa, Acting Chair of the Council?

However, only one step in the process of eliminating the great head that became the manufacturer's president in 2000, one year after joining the group as COO is a Thursday vote. In order to reject Carlos Ghosn and Greg Kelly and establish new control, Nissan will have to start a general meeting of shareholders to submit to vote to dismiss some directors and appoint a new team. After deciding to turn the Spam page as soon as possible, the company would also consider introducing this general assembly, usually held in June, several months.

The Japanese media says that Hiroto Saikawa, the current CEO of Nissan, will be appointed, following the Thursday meeting, chairman of the interim council until the permanent team is in place. In addition, board members should announce the establishment of an inquiry committee including a number of persons outside the company, to light the shortcomings in the organization's organization, which would have facilitated the financial bans assembly by Carlos Ghosn.

Gossip shooting down morally

On Thursday, the Japanese media ensures that the prosecutor continues to summarize payments against the 64-year-old France manager. Firstly, it was charged with a voluntary reduction, during five years, that the amount of its remuneration in the report was transferred to the authorities and the stock market of the country and to have benefited from a network of luxury residences received Nissan, by means of financial expenses Tax toxes, according to the "Yomiuri" every day, have asked the group to pay each year, since 2002, a salary of $ 100,000 per annum to their older sister as a "special adviser". Such allegations that their illegal nature are still impossible to check, but how far the construction is, in the opinion of the Japanese public, against the guilt of Carlos Ghosn.

According to our information, the surprise arrest would still be surprised by the leader and to keep. After shooting down, almost away from the world, he could not, at the moment, be able to implement a real defense strategy to give his version of the facts accused.

Yann Rousseau

Correspondence to Tokyo
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