Tuesday , December 1 2020

Nicolas Batum in the Lakers, the good idea?

Cut off by the Hornets, Nicolas Batum is of interest to several teams aiming for the title. Among them, it’s hard not to think of the Lakers, especially as the fit seems ideal.

If Nicolas Batum lived in relative tranquility on the Charlotte side in recent years, at the rate of often disappointing performances, everything quickly escalated Saturday night for Batman. Fired by the Hornets to make way for Gordon Hayward, the Frenchman must now bounce back.

The good news is that several competitors are already interested in its services. No name has yet been leaked, but among the potential spectrum, the Lakers appear to be the destination of choice for the Swiss Army Knife in France.

By letting Rajon Rondo go to Atlanta, the Angelinos lost some play off the bench. LeBron James, who is to be 36, should undoubtedly reduce his minutes in the regular season. With this in mind, Batum is ideal. For 15 to 20 minutes every night, he can distribute, organize the game, punish 3 points if needed, and bring in his defensive presence.

We imagine the French would obviously be about to join the crimson and gold in pursuit of a ring after 12 years in the league, but is it financially viable? The answer is yes! For a minimum deal of 2.5 million, counted at 1.6 million in cap, the Lakers can acquire Batman. A financial problem for the winger? No, as it will touch the 27 million more for its last year in Charlotte, scattered over the next 3 years.

If both camps do business, we hope so anyway LeBron James he will not hold angry against this block of Batman, dated nearly 10 years ago. King is praised for his incredible visual memory and his ability to remember every action on the field, but still…

Nicolas Batum in the Lakers, he could be a good deal for everyone. Be careful, though: they are several competitors on the French, who continue to side well in the league.

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