Tuesday , May 24 2022

News – Arrest of 6 miners in Settat for "burning the national flag"


Lack of citizenship and education. After the police were arrested six elderly, who took advantage of student protests at Al Massira High School in Hay Al Farah, to join the school where many facilities were released and Remove from the national flag for the first time. Burning far from the facility after breaking the surveillance camera and then running away.

According to Al Ahdath Almaghribia daily, PJ Settat opened an investigation on this topic on the direction of the Prosecutor's Office by hearing the school head teacher who revealed the identity of those who carry out these actions, He stated that he was students who were banned last year from the secondary school.

From their part, researchers reported two of the underage children after an in-depth examination of the images filtered by the surveillance camera, images that show the two; linked to leaving school with the flag in their hands.

+ Assaults on state symbols and vandalism +

The researchers were able to arrest both accused who admitted the facts they had achieved, after the researchers faced the objects with the videos recorded by a watch & # 39 ; r secondary school, and revealed the children's identity. Four underage participants were involved in the above actions that were subsequently arrested by the police.

The newspaper said the six defendants came before the juvenile judge in the court to trial Settat on Wednesday, ordering them to be imprisoned in Ain Ali Moumen prison until the trial tries. in particular, for attacking the Kingdom flag, vandalism and participation in an unauthorized display.


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