Saturday , December 4 2021

National electronic press forum in Rabat


Rabat – "What services for electronic press in the light of social changes?", the theme of the electronic press of the Moroccan electronic press organized Friday at Rabat, at the Institute of Advanced Communication and Information, by the Ministry of Culture and Communications.

This forum was noted in particular by the Speeches of Culture and Communication Ministers, Mohamed Laaraj, Justice, Mohamed Aujjar, and Deputy Minister responsible for the relationship with Senedd and # 39 ; the civil society, government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi, as well as two presentations on the legal framework of electronic press in Morocco, made by researcher Ali Karimi, and provisions of the press and publication Cylch, made by lawyer and academic Abdelaziz Nouidi.

Speaking in opening the forum, Mr. Laaraj in particular said that the significant development of electronic press in Morocco, in the last six years, incorporated the changes experienced by the media sector due to technological progress and democratic structure that promote freedom of expression and expression.

Mr. reviewed Statistics also labeled on the number of electronic newspapers reported and those that complied with the provisions of Law No. 88-13 on the press and publication.

Mr Aujjar stressed, for his part, the need to look for a best possible economic model that could favor the appearance and upgrade of the electronic press that, although it counts to an unacceptable success in the record time, is Raise the question of how to place the sector on society and democratic life.

In this regard, he said that the electronic media has opened broad horizons in the spread of digital culture and the progress of social networks; dynamic that has also allowed a vertiginous increase in Internet users.

Mr Aujjar focused on the issue of the legal framework of the press while discriminating from the blog.

The Minister also advocated the development of practical strategies and arrangements to bring the electronic press practice into line with the rules of ethics. According to him, the challenge is to implement self-regulation mechanisms and training and continuing education objectives.

For his part, Mr. The Khalfi said investing in the online press as a vehicle for democratic progress and development.

He focused on the successful evolution of the electronic press in the Kingdom, thanks mainly to the huge contribution of professionals.

The Forum was also marked with four workshops on "The economic model of the electronic press", The "The Moroccan electronic press and the deontology charter", The "Production of audiovisual content in the electronic press" ac "The electronic press company in Morocco".

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