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NASA green voice for the new SpaceX capsule test


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Washington (AFP)

NASA gave a green light on Friday to launch the next space of SpaceX's astronaut capsule, an essential life-proof test that will be done first with a model before hand-flying in several months.

"We're really about the launch, right for a" ticket "at the International Space Station, at a press conference, William Gerstenmaier, NASA's deputy administrator for flights, from Cape Canaveral Space Center in Florida .

The Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX space company with a Dragon Crew capsule at its conference will disappear, except for recovery, on Saturday, March 2 at 2:48 am (0748 GMT) since the former shuttle of the shuttle, which stopped fly in 2011

NASA signed contracts in 2014 with SpaceX and Boeing for companies to transport the US astronauter to the ISS. This is the first time that the US space agency trusts in the private sector with transportation of its spaces.

The United States has made it a matter of national pride to recreate a tunnel from American soil. Since 2011, Americans have to train to make the trip in Russia's Soyuz rockets, on top of which the American agency is buying a place.

"This is a crucial first step for returning flights with us to the US," said William Gerstenmaier.

March 2 will be exactly the same as the flight that will take two astronauts later this year, theoretically in July, but delays have become common in this program.

The cap has seven seats. He must tap in the ISS on Sunday, March 3rd, then debate and return to the Earth on March 8. The aim is to ensure that the journey is safe for people to settle there.

"I'll guarantee you that everything will not go exactly as planned," said the NASA officer. "We want to make the most of everything we can learn."

SpaceX is a great experience in this area, since it has freed the ISS 15 times to the NASA since 2012, with a cargo version of the Dragon capsule. But the security criteria, when it comes to people, are better, and NASA has identified problems that can solve the capsule and parachutes.

"SpaceS is very important," said Hans Koenigsmann, vice president of the company established by Elon Musk.

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