Saturday , January 22 2022

Morning – Sanofi and Smedian reward diabetes research


Sanofi Moroco and the Moroccan Endocrinology and Diabetic Nutrition Society (Smedian) organized the first Sanofi Diabetes Research Awards at the end of last week at Skhirate. Event organized by the Ministry of Health.

Sanofi Moroco supports medical research on diabetes. For this, the pharmaceutical company has organized, in collaboration with the Moroccan Endocrinology Society, Diabetes and Nutrition, the first Sanofi Award for diabetes research. The university and university research doctors presented about 37 work to this competition organized under the law of the Ministry of Health. Three were honored at a great ceremony recently held at Skhirate. "As an integral part of the National Health Strategy, the Sanofi Award for Research in Diabetes aims to develop and promote medical and scientific research in Morocco. This event allowed the introduction of the best diabetes research projects among the a number of initiatives transmitted by different Moroccan university hospitals, "highlights Amine Benabderrazik, CEO of Sanofi Moroco. "I am pleased to celebrate today this first edition of the Sanofi Award for Diabetes Research. I thank all the laureates and those who took part in this competition. I was surprised; I was not interested when I discovered the number and quality of the work presented knowing that the price had not admitted. I would also like to note that the winners have separated a few points separately and that everyone deserves congratulations and encouragement , "said Hamdoun Lhassani, president of the Smedian.
In detail, Professor Zineb Imane, head of the Type 1 Diabetes Unit at CHU Ibn Sina Rabat, went out for his work on "Neonatal Diabetes: Epidemiological and Genetic Profiles". His side was given to Professor Nawal El Ansari, endocrinology head in the CHU
Mohammed VI Marrakech, a Dr. Nassiba El Ouaradi or a service. Their research theme was "The Impact of the Nutrition Education Program on Active Insulin Therapy on Crycemic Control, Hypoglycemia and Quality of Life in a Young Type 1 Diabetic". Finally, the third prize was awarded to Dr. Lahoussine Abainou of the Marrakech Military Hospital, for his research on "Diabetes Clinical Characteristics and Applications among Moroccan Diabetic Pilgrimage". Sanofi Morocco was awarded the first £ 40,000 prize. The lab has also promised to support the winner's work for a period of two years, while the second Award equates to 20,000 DH and the third to 10,000 DH and have been awarded by the Smedian. Speaking at the awards ceremony, HICham Nejmi, General Secretary of the Ministry of Health, said: "This award is an initiative that will contribute to the encouragement and development of diabetes research in our country countries. Indeed, the main aim of the research This is to provide, on the one hand, innovative solutions in the care of diabetics to achieve a better life, and on the other hand, contributes to reducing the economic burden of this disease and complications on the health system. " Before participating: "We are convinced today that it is the responsibility of everyone to respond against diabetes and so we need a multi-media approach".

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