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JCC 2018: proportion of lion is a Tunisia cinema


After a week of daily broadcasts of films from around the world, the 29th edition of Carthage Film Days (JCC2018) joins evening and night in a colorful ceremony at The Tââtre de l & # 39; Art famous. Opera the City of Culture. In the presence of Culture Minister of Culture Mohamed Zine Elabidine and a large number of stars, cinema men and leading figures in an Arab, African and overseas cinema, the closing ceremony was eagerly awaiting those who loved film but also on for the composers of the image has revealed its record.

For this 2018 edition, the Tunisian cinema has received a lion share by winning three Fuel and two prizes: The Golden Tanit for the Fatwa movie by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud, the Golden Tanit for the short film "Brotherhood" by Meryem Joobeur, Bronze Tanze for "Astra" fiction Nidhal Guiga, Best Actor for Ahmed Hafiane in "Fatwa" and a special mention of "The Florist" by Chamakh Bouslama in the fiction board category as well. Egypt, Syria, Morocco and Kenya for the continent of Africa come together with three prizes for each of these countries.

The Egyptian cinema has distinguished itself in the official competition of documentary documentaries by winning the Golden Tanit for the "Amal" movie by Mohamed Siam and the Silver Tanit for the work "You've been distant away "Amal Ramsis. Another Egyptian tune in the feature movie category of the "Tan Tan" for "Yomeddine" by Abu Bakr Shawky.

It's really appreciated by moviegoers, critics and moviegoers, Joud Said's feature film, "The Unfinished Journey", has won three prizes: Bronze Tanze, Best Picture and Best Price. Public price (not to mention Fipresci price in the parallel section). Ditto for the three-prize Moroccan cinema for the movie "Sofia" by Meryem Ben M's Barek: Mention Special, as well as the TV5Monde and Tahar Cheriaa Awards in the first work competition. For African films, this is the Kenya cinema at the top of the list with two awards for the "Rafiki" film by Wanuri Kahiu – the Best Music Award and the Best Actress Award for Samantha Mugatsia – and a Script Award Best for "Supa Modo" by Likarion Wai Naina.

Successful edition and an exceptional audience

During the closing ceremony prescribed by best musical interference and projection of the festival, the general director of the 29th edition of Carthage Film Days, Néjib Ayed, in a first assessment, welcomed the JCC 2018 success, which had a huge influx of viewers, cinemas and life lovers who have not lost this appointment after starting a few days after the suicide bombing on 29 October 2018 achieved at Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the center of Tunis city. He added, added, that this exceptional audience is one of the challenges that the JCC has survived of the end, showing that there is no fear in our country.

When reviewing the different highlights of the JCC, he mentioned the success of the JCC organization in the prisons and regions of Sfax and Siliana, noting that projections were also planned in Nabeul and Kasserine.

Speaking about logistics and organization, he expressed his satisfaction with the success of the unique ticket system, announcing that to facilitate the work of journalists in the future issues, special attention will be given to increasing the quota of bookmarks dedicated to journalists and organizing special sessions for their benefit.
Although the cinema was in the city center but cinema was also in the rooms. That is why he took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of restoring some movie theaters to a ruined state.

"The JCC 2018 has offered a successful edition with a selection of high quality films followed by an exceptional audience," a number of guests from the 29th edition of the NJR stated in different evidence gathered by the TAP agency.

Winner of the Golden Tanit in the typical documentaries category category for his "Amal" film, Egyptian director Mohamed Siam said JCC had become "my second home", especially after his participation last year in an official competition with her first document document "Whose Country".

The Senecaan film maker, Moussa Sèna Absa, who called on the "honest and accurate connisseur" audience CGC stressed that today it is scarce to attend long queues before cinemas during such wings.

For the Iraqi film Kais Kacem, the JCC's 29th edition was characterized by the quality of the presented Arab films and very good order, and also considered that African film presence in this issue was weak compared to previous editions.

According to Kacem, the JCC has succeeded in gaining the confidence of Arab directors and climbing to the most prestigious Arabic holiday level despite its limited resources and thanks to its parallel programming of great relevance such as "Carthage Pro" and of # 39 ; the conference "Towards New Film Financing Forms: The Tax Shelter".

Winner of the Golden Tanit and JCC2017 for his film "The train of Salt and Sugar", the director and jury for the Short Film and Short Film competition, Licinio Azevedo was eager to highlight the quality of the Arabic films chosen in the competition and the emergence of a new generation of young African filmmakers. "What touched me in the films available is the message of the hope presented despite the variety, severity and complexity of the subjects that were handled," he added.

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