Thursday , May 19 2022

He won’t bring back Klay Thompson, but the contingency plan is stylish


Kelly Oubre Jr. will not play for a minute in the Thunder jersey. Transferred from Phoenix to Oklahoma City as part of the exchange involving Chris Paul, Papi’s Tsunami is already leaving for San Francisco Bay, still in PLS after Klay Thompson’s terrible injury.

After the news of the Splash Brother’s Achilles tendon broke, our first reaction was obviously a mix of disappointment and disgust. But then, once the shock was over, we started thinking about what the Warriors could do to try and make up for the loss of Klay as best as possible. And we can say that they didn’t waste time responding. According to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN, the Dubs decided to offer the Thunder a 2021 Draft first-round pick to acquire nearly 25-year-old winger Kelly Oubre Jr.. We note equally that this option is well protected because if the Warriors fall in the Top 20 of the next Draft, it will remain in Golden State, and the Thunder will thus recover two second-round picks, and will allow Sam Presti to do so to further expand his very large collection of draft picks. The second element to remember, the Warriors managed to make this transfer without giving salary in exchange for having a trade exemption of more than $ 17 million, with Oubre Jr.’s salary being 14.4 million for the 2020 season.21 (last from his contract). Oklahoma City will also recover a trade exemption of a similar amount to Oubre Jr.’s salary, which Presti may use in the future to recruit him. On the other hand, for Golden State, in terms of luxury tax, the bill will be quite steep after the Papi Tsunami acquisition.

Recruiting Kelly Oubre Jr. is clearly not going to bring back Klay Thompson, but he is a player who can clearly bring on the Warriors in the upcoming season. Last year in Phoenix, if he ended his campaign in hospital due to a meniscus injury, he released his career best stats: 18.7 points, 6.4 rebounds, 1.3 interceptions, all on 45.2% shooting, including 35.2% of car park. A solid season for this young 2m01 winger who still fits well into the current NBA. He can score, the defensive potential is there, he progresses in the shooting, and he brings energy with a personality of his own.. So a good choice for Golden State, which will look to return to the Western Conference landscape after an off-season where the Dubs finished in last place in the NBA. We’ll see what general manager Bob Myers still has in mind to adapt best to the terrible news about Klay, but the arrival of the Papi Tsunami is a good first step. The Warriors are also likely to request the Disabled Player Exemption, which could allow another player to be recruited to the tune of 9.3 million dollars.

The Warriors aimed to regain the heights of the NBA in 2020-21, it seems complicated today without Klay Thompson. But with the arrival of Kelly Oubre Jr., the Californians have just restored a player who can make a real contribution to the building, even if it may only be for a year.

Text source: ESPN

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