Thursday , January 20 2022

Exclusions & social protection system in discussion at Skhirat


Skhirat's coastal town is home to the first National Social Protection Conference. After organizing a partnership framework between different ministers and public institutions departments, with the help of the European Union and Unicef, the purpose of these meetings is to "develop an integrated and consensual vision of the security system as an essential element of & The new development model, "says the Ministry responsible for General Affairs and Governance in a statement. And to add: "This vision must make it possible to overcome the current shortcomings and constraints that limit the impact of this system on the citizen and on human and social development in general ".
The participants examined this meeting, which was chaired by the head, Saad Eddine El Othmani, the various solutions to ensure the restructuring of national social protection programs and policies. The arguments that marked this event, which are considered as the "fundamental action of the reform of social protection", were used by the ministry delegated to the head of government responsible for General Affairs and Governance, first of all. to address the results and lessons learned from the Moroccan experience in social protection. And then on the achievements to be combined, as well as the challenges to meet and the risks to hold. Do not forget to focus on the appropriate responses to the needs of different populations in need according to their specific social, economic and demographic that benefit from those already existing. It was also a question of finding a road, on the one hand, of ensuring coherence and coincidence with the various elements of the current national supply of social protection, and on the other hand, of the management, 39; governance, the national offer of social protection in an informal, consistent, effective and responsible way. Finally, the issues and challenges of establishing a targeted system to ensure greater effectiveness and efficiency of public action in this area were also discussed.
According to definition, social protection is a set of joint insurance mechanisms to offset financially the consequences of social risks, such as old age, illness, disability, unemployment or family costs. In addition to its financial utility, society also has social security, as it reduces inequality in life risks and gives individuals the lowest income that can enable them to be integrated into & # 39 the society. . All its trips are carried out by organizations, including Social Security (protection from illness, old age, etc.) or by the State itself, as its budget covers some expenses, such as school grants. and compensation of the unemployed. Local authorities also take the pocket hand, through the boroughs that support some pensioner expenses with a few resources. Finally, private administrations and charities can also take part in social protection, often for the most marginalized populations.

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