Friday , September 24 2021

Elisabeth II: Five of her parents have been arrested drunk after fighting

The news must have made Elizabeth II mad. Five of the Royal Reserves were arrested near Windsor Castle after fighting. Alcoholic, the five soldiers fought in front of a kit when returning from a night in a pub.

Who said the British royal family was boring? Between the Meghan family stories of Markle and his relationship with Kate Middleton, Elizabeth II must fail to miss the incredible Lady, who had given her so much trouble. Now is the Royal Guard's turn to do anything. As reported by Daily Mail, The five soldiers assigned to the security of the Windsor Palace on Friday, November 16 toxic.

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Elizabeth II's guards were arrested as a result ofFight involving at least eight people, which was triggered Ramsey & Grill Restaurant. The reasons for the battle are not known at the moment. It only knows that young soldiers, aged between 21 and 27, return from itdrunk night in a pub when they stopped in the kebab on their way back to barracks at Victoria Barracks.

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As one of the source reports, the guards saw themselves fighting with many "Types"only a few meters from the castle or Windsor. After seeing by the surveillance cameras, three of the five soldiers were caught in detail of the change. The other two were arrested later, after they returned to the barracks. After released by the police, they are royal guards under investigation. Information confirmed to officially by the army, who spoke about & # 39; Event & # 39; near Windsor Castle.

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