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Detective Pikachu – The first forms here!


On the other side of the Atlantic, the Detective Pikachu already shares the press, but one thing is certain: this is the best video video adjustment in a movie right now.

Currently, leading franchises of the video game are wild Hollywood. Like Sonic and his suspicious garage-design, it will be reworked, as the announcement Jeff Fowler :

Thank you for your support, and your criticism. The message was clear … You obviously are not happy with the design, and you want to change. This will happen. In Paramount and Sega, everyone is ready to do their best to make Sonic as good as possible.

But there is also Pokemon, the games series developed by Game Freak and Nintendo which brings together one of the biggest communities in the industry. So the challenge was significant to transpose this monument on the big screen. And the Warner is a bit taken by some American critics, and we'll see how.

First, choose the scenario: to be based on adventure as specific as the adventure of the game Detective Pikachu It was an interesting choice, because you can discover a Pokemon from a certain perspective, which will please those who fell in during the 90s, and neophytes, through the hardcore fans who will enjoy finding & t All the Easter eggs.

From the beginning, peace of mind, we show you that Pokemon world that respected so much existed in the film, however, is far from where the plot will be. own rules. The Warner doesn't forget anyone, however, as there will sometimes be references to Kanto, Johto and a company, which will allow you to slide some smiles during the movie.

Detective Pikachu happens in Ryme City, a city where life is good, and where the Pokemon does not beat each other permanently, because it is banned. Animal lovers fighting, no worries, there will be some local and mysterious Fighting Club about a conflict road "octagon, no rules".

Detective Pikachu

The world of Ryme City, then, is a kind of Pokémon utopia where they haven't locked inside Pokéballs, but rather peaceful with people outdoors. Roughly, there is only a place in the Pokemon universe that has different rules, which makes it possible to maneuver everything, and to make it more realistic.

Simply put, the movie adjusts what it needs for its narrative, without going over, and that's what makes it a success on the US side. The film deals with the delights of her own aspirations and the legendary history of Pokemon known to all.

The information is also seen by the team selected for the special effects, with co-operation R J Palmer, famous for its “realistic Pokemon” art fans. Choosing our payment, as our creatures pockets sometimes seem real. Choose who will certainly share, but only appreciation can be appreciated.

RJ Palmer Art detective Pikachu detective
An idea of ​​RJ Palmer's supportive arts

Work Ryan Reynolds It 's not left out, and it' s given a certain ironic magic and width Detective Pikachu intense caffeine under a verb whose string lines have often made to the laughing room.

On the other hand, the boundaries observed are often unanimous: it's about family film and accessible to the children too. The narrative will not be too complicated, but it will not be too simple or frustrating for an older audience. Magazines specializing in the cinema also regret the treatment of characters too concisely and easily forgotten. The work is also totally dedicated to their fans, some pieces will be clear to those who know the saga, where other beginners will pass without real understanding.

In conclusion, the Detective Pikachu is a movie of love, which is synchronized for one of the rare times, the 7th art and the video game.

P.S: For those who want to see more about RJ Palmer's art, here she is.

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