Friday , August 12 2022

Despite the climb in the south: the singers started the exercises for Eurovision


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Although more than 200 rockets were launched from the Gaza Platform into Israel, preparations for the Eurovision Song Competition are underway. From Saturday morning, rehearsals have started on the Eurovision Song Song stage in Tel Aviv. Nine delegations, who last Friday in Israel, performed their songs on stage. The remaining delegations are expected to land in Israel in the coming days.

The radio said in response: "According to Home Command's instructions, the events are usually going on and the preparations for the Eurovision missions are going on as usual" .

"It was a great day for the first Tel Aviv show exercises. Delegations and partners are excited about Monday's exercises," said Eurovision's EU supervisor.

The Islamic Jihad has launched an immediate threat to the existence of the Eurovision Song Contest: "We will stop the enemy from succeeding in creating a festival to undermine the Palestinian narrative. We tell Israeli decision makers: Do not dream, there will be silence and You have to pay the price to the people of the Palestine. ”The resistance must respond to the enemy's aggression and be surprised. '

Given the security situation, it was decided to cancel the "Good Evening Europe" event, which was to be held tonight (Saturday night) in Anava Park Modi, where he won the Eurovision Song Competition, to perform a side. alongside Yizhar Cohen and Ilanit. "It is very sad that the Eurovision event is canceled, I am amazed and sad, I hope this will be the last event to be canceled."

The Eurovision Song Competition will be held on 14 and 16 May and will take place on 18 May. Each stage of the competition will be broadcast on channel 11.

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