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current board of directors of Renault


VIDEO – The group management trust board to a dandem formed by the director Philippe Lagayette and Thierry Bolloré, number two of the company. The state also wants to establish "interim governance".

Although the office of prosecutor in Tokyo has confirmed that the Chief Executive of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors Alliance has confirmed that the tension is highest on the French side. The Renault group's directors' board has been underway for 19 hours. According to the sources quoted by AFP, it should direct Renault's control to an interim dandem formed by the directing director, Philippe Lagayette, and Thierry Bolloré, number two of the group. The board of directors of Nissan is expected to control the dismissal of its chairman on Thursday morning. Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) also intends to "delete quickly".

Carlos Ghosn was arrested Monday on Monday after several months of internal investigation by the Japanese Nissan Automaker. The president of the company, Hiroto Saikawa, also spoke of "many other exclusions, such as the use of corporate property for personal purposes." He said the "dark side of the Phase period," and said that the increasing powers of the president of the motor league represented "problem."

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At the same time, the agency taxed Standard and Poor has set Nissan's long-term debt status under "with negative implications". This ominous gesture for the group means that it considers the possibility of lowering this scale in the future. Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko said on Tuesday that the construction league will be difficult to manage without his president Carlos Ghosn. According to Reuters, Nissan has expanded its inquiry into its league with the Renault maker. The agency quotes three sources close to the case, which is allegedly explaining that Nissan holds evidence of fraud at the Renault-Nissan BV level, the structure that oversees the operations of the alliance.

"Carlos Ghosn will be very difficult to stay at Renault" – Watch on Figaro Live

French authorities expect

Since Monday, a number of members and the executive have responded to this case. In the 4 truths, Minister Tu, Christophe Castaner, said he thought "Renault group workers." The government, according to him, has "no element" on the ongoing cases in Japan against Carlos Ghosn. "I'll let justice make Japan," the head of the Beauvau place was stopped, without talking further on the state situation.

Minister for the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, said France in the meantime not that "Carlos Ghosn is now in a position to lead the group" Renault. However, the state will not ask for its departure, of respect for a presumption of innocence. Bercy's tenant believes that the leader's departure "weakens" the group: "more reason to act quickly, clearly," he added. So the government wants a temporary "new government" for the Automobile league. The minister will also call his Japanese counterparts to discuss with the sequence to give a case and to better understand the reasons for the French-Lebanese leader. However, Bruno Le Maire wanted anxious to the maker's workers, explaining that the state "[traite] and subject ", and he wants to" consolidate "the league:" We have a Deputy Chief Executive today, Mr Thierry Bolloré, who is of high quality, "he said. In addition, Bruno Le Maire said that Bercy had" checked the tax position "Carlos Ghosn in France, and there was no "special to report" on this subject. However, the minister can not confirm if the officer actually paid his taxes in France, the thing in question "tax secrecy" .

"Safeguarding the stability of the league"

Last night, President Emmanuel Macron had already focused on what he considered the current priority: maintaining "Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi" league stability. A spokesman for the Japanese government said the situation was "very distressed". However, the Japanese authorities are refusing to speak on the judicial aspect of the case.

He raised a number of voices to call a departure as soon as possible by Carlos Ghosn. MP (PS), Boris Vallaud, for example, said on Tuesday morning that it was "unacceptable" that the leader continued. "I hope there is no concern and know exactly what we are talking about," he added, adding that he wants the French state to "secure" the stability industrial projects "of the automobile league. The former presidential candidate and now head of the list (EELV) told European Yannick Jadot on the Public Senate, in case of failing to prove defects, "obviously, who can not remain the head of the Renault group." French politicians are still careful for the moment, respecting the assumption of inconvenience, but everyone agrees to hope for the fast stabilization of the Automobile league position.

Carlos Ghosn: who can stay on top of Renault? – Watch on Figaro Live

On the side of Renault's employees, the atmosphere was so cold with the weather on Tuesday. At the Renault factory at Flins (Yvelines), the workers returned to work after learning the day before arresting their CEO. In the car line that crosses the industrial site barriers, there are few who want to speak on the subject. But when some stop to put their feelings, they are basically on the heart. "We're stunning," said many workers of the oldest Renault plant in France in activity. "I'm coming to win my bread (…), it's good for him what happens to him," said Mickaël, temporarily for three months at this factory, with 2,437 employees on end of 2017. Like most colleagues, he does not want to give his last name.

The stock market has violently responded to this case: Tuesday morning, Nissan closed a 5.45% decline to 950.7 yen. Renault's title lost on March 1.19% to 58.36 after a 8.43% reduction in the previous day.

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