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Charging prices


no Khalil Ibrahimi 11/03/2019 at 21h39

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Kiosque360. With the price of red meat reaching record highlights, the Moroccan may be forced to go on a herbal diet.

I believe Al Massae In its edition of this Tuesday, March 12th, the meat that is more and less scarce on the Moroccan tables will be sold for gold: 80 pounds per kilograms in the weekly souks and more than 90 o dirhams in the middle of the rural markets.

And to do things worse, fruit and vegetables follow the same trend. Some of them went from 2 dirhams per kilo to 8 dirhams. For example, pepper or eggplant is sold for this price. As for carrots and potatoes, starfish of Moroccan food, they reach 5 dirhams.

The Arab newspaper reports the strong dissatisfaction of Moroccan pointing citizens and the makers of the wholesale market of Casablanca. However, according to the director of this organization, prices are within reach of all portfolios.

Bouazza El Kharrati, president and founder of the Association of Defense and Defense of the Moroccan (AMPOC), argues that the generalization of prices in a free market can be difficult to: "It's hard to structure a market that is dominated by mediators & Buy fruit and vegetables at a very low price on the wholesale market, which will sell back to consumers by multiplying their prices ".

To give up this phenomenon, El Kharrati proposes that every country region offers its wholesale market and that the train is replaced by the cargo carrier train.

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