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Alexandra wins “Koh-Lanta”: how Wonder Woman of the East built her victory


ZOOM – It’s the big winner of “Koh-Lanta: the 4 Lands”. The first to fall during the pole test, Brice selected Alexandra to face the final jury. With 7 votes against 5, his members gave him the victory, and the 100.00 euro to the key. Back on the journey of this brave mother, a Wonder Woman fan claimed.

She was the final woman in the finals Koh-Lanta: the 4 Land. Alexandra Pornet, 35, may have dropped the first of the posts, she won the show against Brice, who had chosen to take her to her side in the face of the final jury vote, convincing her he would have more by chance than against Loïc, the daring of the spectators. He was wrong since his opponent won by 7 votes to 5.

It is the epilogue of a shocking journey in which the young woman was first involved in the dream team from the East with the late Bertrand-Kamal, before skilfully moving after reunification to never find himself in the hot seat. And yet … Almost voiceless on arrival in Fiji, where she was suffering from a sore throat, an ear infection and bronchitis, this self-proclaimed Wonder Woman fan was the ideal candidate for an early departure!

Unlike the misja Hadja who couldn’t supervise her at the start of the adventure, the energetic Alix or the ingenious Lola, Ain’s accountant has never attracted all eyes on her. On the other hand, she has made herself indispensable to her fellows thanks to her unwavering mastery during the most complex of tests. “I don’t know if I am categorized as cerebral of the season. But it’s true that I like to rack my brain“, she trusted us in the interview above.

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During the orienteering event last Friday, “Alex” won his ticket to the top 3 on the wire. In Loïc’s footsteps, she had seen the first tear pass under her nose, forcing her to resume her quest from nothing. Brice takes second position, found herself neck and neck with Dorian and Lola, literally and figuratively, after more than five hours of research. The sequence that makes the young Northerner believe she needs to sit down because she’s dead tired, to actually hide the torch from her, has made Internet users happy …

Undoubtedly her extra motivation at home, Alexandra is indebted to the daily struggle she leads with her youngest daughter Lana, aged 2, who suffers from multiple eye disease from hospitals since birth. birth. It’s no coincidence that she poses with her in a photo posted earlier this week on her Instagram page. “Anything is possible in life with hope, effort and endurance“, she also comments in a message about the attention of Fafali, her eldest 8 years old.

If Alexandra has done a lot of talking about her on the networks during the season, that’s because of the large number of sexual photos she has shared over the weeks. And she assumes, with or without re-touching! Last week he addressed the “superficial judgments“against her by posting a montage that shows her physical evolution since her second pregnancy.”No one should tell you how you should look, no one should laugh at you for what you are or represent, public woman or not!“, launched this follower of Power Girl to its 125,000 subscribers.

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