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AKAA's Tai Teg and Ride Launches Art Tours in Africa


On the occasion of its 3rd issue, between 9 and 11 November, a promising young girl of contemporary African art fairs, Also known as Africa, launches circuits to meet the new artistic scene on the black continent, linking to & # This special travel has to specially tailor.

This is not self-promo. But our joy is news. Fans of contemporary African art with a traveling spirit, collectors or simple amateurs, will be able to follow the footsteps of artists, galleries and other actors of the art world in Africa, thanks to an unexpected partnership between the small fair promises of contemporary art design and African design AKAA, also known as Africa, and specialist Les Maisons du Voyage, special property of Le Figaro.

For the first time, on the occasion of the third edition of the fair that opens its doors between 9 and 11 November at Carreau du Temple in Paris, space will be devoted to travel. The initiative was born from a discussion between Brigitte Bollé, the administrative director of the Paris event and the mother of the founder of Victoria Mann, and Valérie Kabov, director of the First Floor Gallery in Harare (Zimbabwe) that deals with international projects and projects. educational programs through its gallery

First Art Tour in Zimbabwe

The first Art Tour where the idea came to an end, in Zimbabwe, with a departure from Paris on March 28, 2019 for four days dedicated to the Harare visit and the new art scene. Then Victoria Falls's destination for two days of discovery journey.

AKAA, who had already formed a partnership with Onomo Hotels, a hotel group located throughout the continent of Africa and created an "Onomo Award for photography", continues to form its course towards artistic tourism with Les Maisons du Voyage, The advent of the artist Alun Be Senegal financed. After being displayed in the Underground space, the last one reveals his "Édification" photo series to characters that are wearing virtual reality masks. This 3rd edition focuses on "the South / South axis, the best way to redesign a map of contemporary art," says the founder of Victoria Mann.

Gonçalo Mabunda, Y Gangneung Style Boy, 2018, Magnin-A Gallery.

Gonçalo Mabunda, Y Gangneung Style Boy, 2018, Magnin-A Gallery. Magnin Gallery

So the fair is seen as a presumption of departure, spring to somewhere else, physical. In Paris, hundreds of artists from Senegal, Haiti, Ethiopia, Cuba or South Korea are represented by 49 exhibitors.

Among them, André Magnin, Magnin-A gallery, is always clear, introducing the free paintings of Malian Amadou Sanogo and the metal masks and trees of the Mozambican Gonçalo Mabunda. Bob Vallois, in his eponymous gallery, celebrates the links between Cuba and Benin, with a selection of artists from the two continents, including Edwige Aplogan, Agustín Cárdenas, Euloge Glélè and Dominique Zinkpè.

In the new entrances envelopes make their access, Portugal, Italy, South Africa or Morocco. Like his great sister, the 1:54 fantasy, created by Touria el Glaoui, also known as Africa as Africa is a "commercial and cultural platform, which shows various Africa, multiple, not having & # 39; to hide by the continents of the Continent ", to quote Victoria. Last year the meeting attracted 15,000 visitors. For them, a new perspective opens with the tailored Art Tours. Next Destinations: Morocco with Marrakech and Casablanca, Ethiopia and Senegal, at Dakar Biennial.

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