Friday , August 19 2022

Air Caraïbes reduces the price of car parks with Travelcar


The airline Air Caribbean partners with the start TravelCar specialize in booking parking spaces are located near and within airports on favorable tariff conditions. This new partnership makes it possible to offer bespoke parking solutions for the company's passengers to meet their needs.

With its headquarters at Paris-Orly airport, a Caribbean Caribbean airline has announced a partnership with Travelcar on 25 March 2019, whose car parks are available at t Orly 4, on almost every provincial station in the network TGV AIR the company, but also worldwide including in the airports of Caribbean Guadeloupe pole a Martinique Aime Cesaire. Airline customers will now enjoy many benefits by keeping their parking space: t

– Unique comparison platform,

-Special choice among official airports car parks, valet parking, adjacent car parks with shuttle … t

-Parking to ensure its monitoring 24h / 24h, t

-Wide choice of additional services: washing, gas filled, emptying, technical control, small maintenance …,

-Parking free for guests who agree to share their vehicle during their absence, t

– Customer Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in more than 30 languages.

The order is made easily on the company's website, via the "Order a parking space" tab. On the launch of this new partnership, Air Caraïbes and TravelCar offer additional benefits to the company's passengers: until April 30, Air Caraïbes passengers can benefit from t 15% discount on booking their online parking space with promo code "CARAIBES15".

Coralie Beaupied, Director of Customer Experience Air Caraïbes, said in a statement: " We are committed to providing one of our best services to our customers between India and the West. Our wish is to offer the best choice so that everyone can adapt their journey according to their aspirations, and at attractive rates. Our recent partnership with TravelCar is logically aligned with this lineage "Lotfi Louez, Managing Director of TravelCar, adds:" As a key player in airport car parks, we are delighted that Air Caraïbes has chosen the TravelCar booking platform for its passengers. This partnership will allow the Air Caraïbes company customers from the metropolis, Guadeloupe and Martinique, to benefit from parking at special rates and free transfer to arrange their stay with confidence. ".

TravelCar is a new company established in 2012 and its goal is to revolutionize passenger mobility. Present today in more than 60 countries with 2,000 agencies, 500,000 parking spaces and more than 1 million regular users, TravelCar is the global coordinator for comparing and identifying all available parking spaces. for the best price to facilitate the choice of passengers. Thanks to this platform, users can easily compare the available places as well as the prices to be able to choose the offer that matches them the most. As well as traditional parking booking packages, TravelCar has also developed a free and eco-responsible parking offer for vehicle owners. By accepting that his car is rented in his absence, the owner shares it, enjoys free parking and allows another passenger to rent cheaply. TravelCar is available in more than 30 languages ​​and is supported by a network of more than 5000 partners, and TravelCar has more than 1 million active users and, since its acquisition by the PSA Group, has n continuing to expand its service in the field. the whole world.

Regular expert from France and the Caribbean, Air Caribbean employing 1145 employees. In 2017, the company carried 1,510,000 passengers. Air Caraïbes operates tours from Paris Orly South to Guadeloupe (Pointe-à-Pitre), Martinique (Fort-de-France), Guyana (Cayenne), Haiti (Port-au-Prince), Saint-Martin (Juliana), Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo and Punta Cana), The Bahamas (San Salvador) and Cuba (Havana and Santiago de Cuba). Air Caraïbes relies on a modern and efficient fleet of 8 Airbus (A330 and A350-900) and 4 ATR 72 to operate its network services. The company has adapted its regional network schedules to offer fast passengers to all Metropolis passenger destinations: Saint-Martin (Grand Case), Saint-Bartelemy (a service operated by St Barth Commuter), Saint Lucia, Republic of Dominica (Santo) Domingo). Air Caraïbes is also the first French airline to connect the province and Belgium with the Caribbean of Orly thanks to TGV AIR's eco-mobile solution. The company also offers a sea-air link to the islands of Marie-Galante, Saintes and Dominica with navigAIR.

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