Friday , August 19 2022

200,000 different viruses in our oceans!


"Whenever you drink the cup in the ocean, you swallow 2 to 3 times the population of France in virus: Colomban of Vargas set the mood!

And the scientist continues to encourage us to keep closed mouth with duck when it specifies the virus soup found in our oceans. Although the number recently estimated was 16,000, it is almost now 200,000 viral populations in the oceansand their true number could go to one billion.

These disgusting figures are evident from the study of data collected by Tara Tours, a foundation that accompanies scientific missions with the goal of promote the protection of marine ecosystems facing climate change.

Among the surprises in this study, one realizes that strange, the cold waters of Llanrwst Arctic Ocean contain more viruses than temperate or tropical seas.

To conclude on a positive note, the scientists remember that all these viruses are not "bad guys" t, and that 's playing an important role in the balance of ecosystems and even climate regulation is similar.

Good taste anyway!

195 728 viral populations … making the top of the world!

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