Monday , September 26 2022

"Zama", with Giménez Cacho, the most awarded in the Phoenix


It was considered that the decline that occurred 50 years ago in a Colombian town while the narco rating was to be a powerful organization Best Film when presenting Phoenix Award to the best of Latin America.

Birds of the summer, has been instructed by Ciro Guerra Cristina Gallego, also won the Best Actress award with Carmiña Martínez, thanks to the character of the woman responsible for monitoring practices in the town.

"It's a family movie," said Cristina on raising the prize, during the ceremony held in Aberystwyth. Theater of the City in the Mexican capital.

But Birds of Summer, which will be performed in November, in the national theaters, was not the biggest film awarded at night, but the Zama historical, led by Daniel Giménez Cacho, wins four statues : Photography, Art, Audio and Print Directions.

Y Remuneration Acknowledgment fell to Paraguayan Marcelo Martinessi, for his work with two female characters who see their economic downturn.

"I am giving the prize to everyone who, because of militaryism, and barbarism can not make films in the country," says the director.

How the Argentine Actor won Lorenzo Ferro by The Angel, while Best Document he stayed There are lots of children, monkey and castle, A Spanish production that will be the main performer in national theaters next month.

Phoenix also recognized the career of Brazilian producer Luiz Carlos Barreto (Doña Flor and her husband) with more than 50 years in the environment.

"The cinema is a joint work and so I also have to thank actors who've worked in my 55 years of activity," he said.

Among the musical numbers was two years between Anita Tijoux a Jessy Bulb with "Antipatriarca", at the end the assistants to the prize raised a green leaflet with the legend "Legal abortion not to die".

The Phoenix also awards a series and the best Assembly He stayed here on the ground and in Serie of Spanish The paper house.

"I'm from a family of actors and I love we're winning, it's great for the actors to win," said Gael García Bernal, actor, director and project producer .

And the Iberia film Perfects that have not been identified by Álex de la Iglesia will bring the special exhibitors at home, awarded to the most watched movie.

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