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What is the relationship between cash bread with obesity and diabetes? It's not starch

What is the first thing you draw from your diet when you want take care of your weight? First of all, the puddings, but regularly, the bread… and you may not be so wrong, but not about what you believe. Discover what is a bread cashier relationship with obesity and diabetes. It's not starch.

Y carbohydrates they are an important element in our feedingthey provide you energy to our body, but you know the different types? According to the Medline Plus site, there are three: sugars, starch and fiber (Do you know why it is good to eat fiber? We tell you), and we need the 3 ways for our body work correctly

Y bread inside the starch group, along with others food, like the oatmeal, barley, quinoa, crackerstherefore, it could be said that it is also necessary for our bodyHowever, it is very important to be careful what kind of bread do we choose?.

While they have always emphasized to us that it is the key to eat those facts with them whole grain flour, they include fiber and healthierfor example for your liver, here we explain the reason, recently discovered researchers that there may be a connection between t box bread (the one with you sandwichesand the obesity and diabetes. And not about being a carbohydrate.

It doesn't seem that everything comes to our part way to eat, according to a study conducted by Harvard University, a additive usually that is in this type of bread and others similar productsWe can get influence on diabetes and obesity.

We talked about propionate, which is responsible for prevention mold appearance and the spread of bacteria. Although it was approved by the food health authoritiesaccording to this study increase hormone levels participating in the weight regulation and the diabetesincreasing the risk of suffering from this disease a Obesity.

The research was so focused mice, as in people. In the case of the first, it was found, by administering the substance, that and hyperglycemia (increase blood sugar at levels above normal), in addition to weight gain and increase your insulin resistance.

Regarding the people, they found that those who ate food with specific levels of propionate, has increased dramatically noradrenaline, glucagon to FABP4, something that also happened with the mice. The problem is that there were only 14 adults in the analysis group, so it cannot be taken as decisive.

That is, the study is somewhat introductory and identifies a new precedent and object of study, although the reality is that we have already been warned that foods have been processed get results in our health. Here we tell you some of the effects of this type of meals.

What is the conclusion of this case? The key to everything is standardization, well, as well slice of bread It's not going to make you win 5 kilos, it's also less likely to cause you great harm. However, the main recommendation would always be a choice natural foods.

Yes, it's not like you're going bake your bread, but you could choose one Oven, it's more cool and it's like without so many conservatives.

Certainly another problem of our food is junk food, find out how to avoid the appetite in the next video.

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