Monday , July 4 2022

Three weeks after heart attack Iker Casillas, his wife acts for ovarian cancer


MADRID – The journalist Sara CarboneroOn Tuesday, the Spanish international keeper Iker Casillas announced she had undergone an operation for malignant ovarian tumor that she will receive treatment in the coming months.

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero celebrate Porto's title Getty Images

In a message on her Instagram social network account, the journalist explains that the tumor had been found in a medical review a few days ago, when her family had not yet restored "from scare", referring to to the heart attack her husband suffered, t Iker Casillas, on May 1 when training with his team, the Porto, in that Portuguese city.

"This time it has touched me, that happy word of 6 letters I still find difficult to write, shows Carbonero in the message, where we claim to be “quiet and confident that everything will come out well”.

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"Fortunately, we have caught it in good time, but there are still a few months of trouble as I continue with the equivalent treatment," said the journalist, who asks his colleagues to "respect and respect". understanding ”at this time” was so difficult and fragile for me and my family. "

Carbonero The announcement was made one day after the 38th birthday Iker Casillas, former captain Real Madrid and from the Spanish team, it was considered one of the best in world football history, recovering from the heart attack three weeks ago.

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