Thursday , May 26 2022

Third in disharmony in Angela and Nodal’s song


With the release of the single “Tell Me How You Want”, a collaboration between Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal, a third discord, came out Colibritany. The song the young woman became famous with on the Internet in 2012, “My sexy chamberlain” sounds, according to the tweeters, the same as Aguilar’s new song. The question is whether it has served as inspiration or poor Colibritany plagiarism.

Juan Ríos Cantú, between Feratum and Covid

They tell us that actor Juan Ríos Cantú is in a dilemma: the opportunity to promote the film in which he is taking part (Beware of what you want), at the Feratum, the festival great that started yesterday in Pátzcuaro or to shelter at home ahead of the rise in Covid cases. The actor had confirmed and pledged his presence at the movie meeting but in recent days had thought better of it.

Arturo Carmona, with a calm heart

Arturo Carmona notes that his little heart has so far been calm and has not been “stunned” by any girl, but between jokes and laughs he notes that he “had very rich freshwater.” I have had waters very rich freshman, but I don’t know if they came from ‘Chon’ or not, so far I don’t feel in love or confused by someone … they say ‘Chon’ is good but I’m not tried it; they say it’s good.

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