Wednesday , December 8 2021

They succeed in revealing "how to look" into a sad brain


A group of scientists from the University of California in San Francisco have managed to observe how sad looks in the human brain. The study was published in the cell science magazine.

For the study they were based on the observation of 21 people who took part, the scientists found that the feeling of sadness was associated with more communication between the brain-related areas emotion and memory.

Scientists were given the task of identifying what is happening in a person's brain when it occurs change mood, for this, they inserted small wires into the brain of the 21 people who were in hospital waiting for brain surgery for severe epilepsy.

The cables measure the electrical activity of the brain that would help to know if some moods were compatible with communication in specific networks in the brain.

After comparing the results, 13 people and 21 people were found to share a similar brain network that connects the buggy (which is responsible for emotional changes) and # 39 ; r hippocampus (that's storage & reminder).

Vikaas Sohal, who took part in the study, said "a network that told us repeatedly if they felt happy or sad".

This study could help scientists develop effective treatments for people with mood disorders.

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