Friday , July 1 2022

They kill small in Atizapán; they arrested 3 people


They kill small in Atizapán; they arrested 3 people

Photo: After taking from Twitter (@SS_Edomex).


A 17 year old teenagers, a man of 39 and a 26 year old woman which is kept in the State of Mexico who would be associated with them? minor slaughter who died as a result of a series of blasts, reported the State Security Secretariat from Mexico.

The Mexican agency reported, by an urgent call, that a woman asks for support from the authorities who moved to a building in the Mexican borough. Atizapán de Zaragoza where they got small and no essential signs.

Captain's fighting policing at the man near Metro Indians Green

The victim lay on the floor of the building, con Injuries to the surface, arms and legs so when it was reviewed by elements of emergency services it was found that it had no essential signs.

In the house were the 17 year olds and the 39-year-old man who mentioned tenants, who were caught as well as the complainant and the mother of the victim.

A taxi driver falls for trying to hijack passengers at CDMX

The prisoners were transferred to the Public Ministry Agency where responsibilities will be defined.


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