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They hijack a production producer "Cleopatra meti la pata"


November 21, 2018

The production was under threat not to make his presentations at Reynosa.

PHOTO: Facebook @MaribelGuardia

Maribel Guardia, through Facebook, announced that a "Cleopatra meti la pata" production tool was hijacked to Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

By means of a press release, production staged that the transport team was blocked by Reynosa bypass on November 20, at 09:00, "by a group of people, It seems and what is said then was part of a criminal organization. "

"These people deprived our production personnel, who were on the gap, of their relief, and the workers were beaten and warned not to fulfill the functions agreed today. Reynosa, Tamaulipas, "said they.

After negotiating and paying indebtedness, the victims were freed and the truck returned, "not leading to important equipment first to perform a first level function".

Given this, the production decided to cancel its functions "in order not to compromise the theater and audience company".

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