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They depict Valeria's funeral – El Diario de Yucatan


A priest calls to pray at the end of violence

MINATITLÁN.- In the parish of Cristo Rey, in the borough of Minatitlán, family and friends gave their final fun to Valeria Marian Cruz Medel, a young medical student, federal deputy daughter Morena Carmen Medel.

At 12:30 o'clock, the church parish priest, Guillermo de los Santos, received the coffin with the Valeria body who had traveled several streets in Minatitlan, all under a strong and secure security device Elements of the Police participated. State and Secretary of the Navy.

During the mass of the present body, the priest emphasized the importance of supporting Valeria's family in these moments of pain, that is, he says, when true friends are shown.

He also called on those who are present to join a prayer to finish the violence and make peace in this borough, both in the State and in the country.

In the force attended by some politicians, the elected governor, Cuitláhuac García, federal deputies and councilors of the borough.

Valeria's body was moved to Coatzacoalcos where he was cremated at a private ceremony only attended by his nearest relatives.

They know "The Richy"

When the photo of "El Richy", the author of alleged material of the murder of Valeria Marian Cruz Medel, the inhabitants of the town of Tehuacán, Puebla, pointed out in social networks that he was living alone in a house of social interest, n regularly voted with parties and finished having alcoholized

In national news network networks, they said that the alleged murderer attended the "La Purisima" market and market.

The alleged murderer was originally from Río Blanco, Veracruz, or "La Agraria", but his residence has not confirmed.

After her murder and venue of other bodies in Veracruz, related to the murder of Valeria Cruz Medel, residents in social networks said they were afraid that the violence was abolished in Tehuacán, where six people were killed in the last hours and driver public transport and save the life of a miracle after being shot.

This week, it was also reported that police forces were arrested by Luis Enrique Gamboa Sosa in Tehuacán, "El Muletas", during operation, as a Sinaloa Card operator in Chihuahua and Puebla. – The Universal to the Wheelchair

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