Wednesday , May 25 2022

There are reservations about the Azteca and the NFL



Lto cancel the game on Monday November 19 between Headteachers and Rams, due to the poor condition of the Azteca Stadium (redesigned for Los Angeles), it could cause the CDMX to play NFL games any longer.

According to the Associated Press, many team owners have expressed doubts about games in the Azteca in the future; the AP's information even indicates that the owners would require other locations, such as Monterrey and Guadalajara.

After the successes of the 2016 and 2017 games, Raiders-Texanos and Raiders-Patriots, respectively, the NFL renewed the contract for an annual duel in Mexico until 2021. But nowadays the uncertainty appears .

"We are all concerned about the safety of the player and to make that decision was to protect ourselves," said vice president of Rams, Kevin Demoff, yesterday. Daily News, or Los Angeles.

Rams players approved the decision to reorganize the duel for the Coliseum Goffa. "I'll take you away for the NFL: they make the right decision," said Andrew Whitworth, the Rams captain.

The location change is beneficial to the Rams, who will be hosting the first Los Angeles match on Monday, November 19, 1979, against Atlanta.

Bill Plaschke, a drummer for Los Angeles Times, announced yesterday with sarcasm: "Do not forget to thank those who are responsible for the Aztec, whose field is a disaster due to recent events. The face looks like a corral."

America and Cruz Azul have played 23 games in the Azteca since July, along with seven Aguilas women's teams; There were two concerts by Shakira and one by Telehit, on 7 November.

According to the AP, the Ministry of Tourism pays the NFL 14.5 million dollars per game, and in 2017 rose 45 million dollars, which meant a net profit in the amount of 30.5 million dollars.

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