Tuesday , August 16 2022

The volcano at Fortnite is exploding and destroying part of the island, including Clock Floors – Nintenderos.com t


A curious spacecraft was opened Fortnite to bring the end of the most popular location, probably Pitched Floors.

This was due to the volcano that has been the target for several weeks' theory, and which has exploded from the end, dropping a river of lava spread around broken Broken floor, as well as damaging other areas like Ciudad Comercio . The smoking volcano has now become a sign showing the remains of Picados Floor, now a mixture of asphalt, debris and dissolved volcanic debris.

This happened after the UFO revealed some elements that were temporarily present Fortnite, among which was the plane and some very popular weapons, and the fans had to choose one lucky to return to the game. The winning object was the heavy submachine gun, marking the closure of the Raft Botan 8 season.


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