Tuesday , January 25 2022

The South Cup reaches Mexico with 750 million dollars


Mexico will host a South Summit, a global platform for innovation and investment, where international entrepreneurs can meet more than 50 investors, with a portfolio of 750 million dollars.

During the presentation of the event, Maria Benjumea, founder of the Startup-South-Spanish Summit, mentioned that there were a total of 400 international commissions, 40 of which will have their choice, which will present their field to investors on December 4th in the Prim Public Project.

Of these installations, 48% are in Mexico and the remainder come from countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Israel, the United States, among others, all with innovations.

South Summit began in Spain, where it is celebrated annually, but it was decided to bring it to Mexico this year because "Mexico is a clear bet for the entrepreneurial ecosystem," said María Benjumea

"Mexico is one of the most important economies in the world, with a network of business speakers, with an unlimited commitment to small and medium sized businesses, such as a wealth that creates wealth to the economy," said María Benjumea .

During the presentation, the director of the University of IE Mexico, Christophe Mamboury, said "The South Summit is an essential meeting place for start-ups, investors and innovative corporations from around the world and the University of IE shares from & # 39 The beginning, its vision and mission The Mexican issue is our way of contributing to strengthening the most vibrant and dynamic start-up ecosystem in Latin America. "

The event was also attended by Octavio Gutiérrez, Director of Capital of the Institute of National Entrepreneurs and Carlos López-Moctezuma, Director of the New Digital Business and Business Strategy BBVA Bancomer, who agreed on the need to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem. "Support startups are to support Mexico."

Two days from the South Summit

The event is organized by South Summit with the University of IE, BBVA Bancomer as an Ecosystem Partner and with the cooperation of Iberia, it will have two locations: WeWork Reforma Latino on December 3, where competition will be held with the final 40 final and Public Public Prim on December 4, where the Mentro Days are held, meeting investors and entrepreneurs.

On the second day, entrepreneurs will present their projects to investors and a winner will be selected, which will be transferred to the global Madrid Devolution 2019 global competition, where they can increase their visibility to more than 750 investors from all over the world, as well as participation in a accelerated program taught by the University of IE.

Among the investment funds that come together, is the Spanish Seaya Ventures fund, which Cabify chose; the Japanese Seed Initiatives and Israel OurCrowd, among others.

The purpose of the meeting is to connect projects with major technology companies to promote development and growth. In addition, speakers will attend who will share their success stories.

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