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The mysterious hole as large as Paris in the Groenland and theories produced News from El Salvador


Meteorological recreation falls on the Greenland.

National Museum of Denmark and NASA

If it is confirmed that it is a crater, this is the first one that can be observed in one of Ice and Earth leaflets.

Recently, a hole was found more than a Paris city in Britain.

The reason why he had not noticed at the moment is that he had hidden under the ice hiawatha ice glacier.

The 31-kilometer-wide depression was discovered when scientists examined the radar images derived from the island's rocky base and suggested it can be grater , the result of the effect a asteroid haearn 1.5km or wide.

If confirmed, the crater would be the first that can be observed in one of the layers of ice which covers our planet Earth.

The discovery was published in the magazine Science Forward but the behind-the-counter team, which includes staff from different universities and museums around the world, has not yet managed solve all their secrets .

Mystery to solve …

"And crater It's been exceptionally good and that's surprising, as ice glacier is an incredibly efficient erosion agent that would quickly eliminate the effects of the impact, "said Professor Kurt H. Kjaer, Geogenetics Center at the Museum of Natural History of Denmark, at the press.

Graphic recreation of perimeter is what they believe in grater.

National Museum of Denmark

Its diameter of more than 31 kilometers is located among the 25 largest impact tires on Earth.

The evidence that leads geologists to think that a meteorite that falls to the Earth is quartz sediments I'm found in the waters of Hiawatha Glacier and appear to have been the subject of huge pressure.

Scientists believe that it can only be explained by a huge impact.

But there is an important fact that they have not yet been able to disclose: and encourage the collision to occur .

They believe it could have happened only 12,000 years ago or three million years ago, but until they managed to drill the 1,000m of ice that is # 39 ; n allow them to take samples from the crater themselves, they can not be more specific, they say.

… that would explain many other things

If it had happened 12,000 years ago, in the Pleistocen , it would be quite young feteorite and it could be an explanation of other phenomena that were held at the same time.

Quartz sediment recreation.

National Museum of Denmark / NASA

Quartz sediments found in the water of the glacier are one of the evidence that researchers believe it is grater.

Dr. John McDonald, from Cardiff University, in the United Kingdom, could explain even a return to the glacial phase .

"If we can confirm that it is so young, we can connect it to the climatic phenomenon that we call it Dryas recently , a period of Earth cooling that affected the North Hemisphere and lasted about 1,000 years, "said the researcher on the radio program Today and the BBC.

In the same period he was they turn off the mammoths . The crater, McDonald, can find out that the case behind it disappears as well as civilization disappearance , and clobis, one of the oldest in North America who lived 14,000 years ago.

Prior to that, he warned that they needed to access the rock and the ability to determine exactly when the meteor was affected by the effect of what they believed.

Location of the crater.


If confirmed, this could be a grater to the north of the Earth found.

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