Friday , August 12 2022

The Galaxy S10 + is compatible with the Mate 20 Pro as the best camera on the market, but it has located as the best for selfies: DxOMark


Certainly, the new Galaxy S10 family is the focus of the attention for a few days. This time we will focus on the Galaxy S10 +, as the largest family model have already gone through the DxOMark analysis lab, revealing the important details of its impressive triple camera.

As we know, DxOMark is a company dedicated to the analysis of cameras of all kinds, from DSLR to mobile. However, it is also important to mention that this type of analysis is very subjective, and in the end the best camera is the one we carry with us because it adapts to its needs.

Galaxy S10 +: the best in the world, but share situation

Return to topic, DxOMark analysis install the Galaxy S10 + as the smart phone with the best camera on the market. However, Samsung's star shares this situation with no more than two smartphones, the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro of Huawei. Yes, the GS10 + can not overcome the "previous generation" smartphones, leaving very clear the great work the Chinese company has to achieve in photography issues.

The three devices have a score of 109 points, all with advantages and disadvantages. Focusing on the new Samsung logo, the GS10 + highlights in sections such as white balance and color reproduction, low noise levels, and a great impact bokeh, according to DxOMark. His scores were 114 points in photography and 97 in video, leading to the final qualification above.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Best Hunanamex Camera Dxomark

On the other hand, DxOMark analyzed the double gaming of the GS10 + a He decided that this is the best in the market too, and in this section does not share a site with anyone. Indeed, his nearest competitors are Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 3, both rated in 92 points, while the older brother of the GS10 family reaches 96 units.

According to the analysis company, white balance, color reproduction and some well-executed skin waves, as well as collecting detailed details are some of the main features performed by the front sensors.

Again, this type of analysis is subjective and we will not wait until we get our hands on the Galaxy S10 + to test the power of their personal cameras, we can see if it's all That information is true. Fortunately, we already know that It will be on March 6 when the new family arrives in Mexico. Supplement to all details.

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