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The day arrived, now you can send and receive Bitcoin from Whatsapp – CRIPTO TENDENCIA


As reported in March this year at CryptoTendencia, a team of Wuabit developers were working on creating a wallet that would allow users to access cryptographic services from WhatsApp.

However, this has been possible thanks to another group that led us. The company Zulu Republic has created a bot that allows you to send bitcoins of the WhatsApp application, being compatible with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The new bot from the cryptographic messaging service will enable WhatsApp users to send and receive Silver Cryptocur ones from the application. This bot is also compatible with Facebook Messenger application, as well as Telegram. also offers the possibility of making cryptocurrency transactions by text (SMS).

This new feature will help bring Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptosicities to a huge and diverse audience. By allowing everyone to use the crypts in the same way they use traditional money.

The announcement was made by Zulu Republic in your official account Twitter.

It's probably quite simple to send and receive Bitcoin via WhatsApp. All users must make the WhatsApp bot and follow the instructions on the screen. There are several options for users, as well as sending and receiving BTC and LTC.

The bot currently has two language options: Spanish and English.
In the near future, it is expected that the system will also allow the transfer of the ZTX ticket from Zulu and Ethereum.


The service also enables people to win cryptocurrencies through a referral program. There are also options that allow users to set their default money, as well as selecting their preferred language and password.

For the Republic of Zulu, "social messages" is an important element of adopting wider cryptocurrency. WhatsApp has over 1,500 million users in almost every corner of the world, and this will make it the largest "technological sideboard" to Bitcoin so far.

In addition, it should be noted that cryptocurrency transactions with mobile applications in third world regions such as Africa and Asia allow many people who do not have access to banking services to access the global financial system, online payments and donation. more opportunities for them.

One thing to keep in mind is that hackers have recently attacked the popular messaging application, where they were able to install spyware on iOS and Android smartphones using WhatsApp.

This vulnerability of WhatsApp existed for weeks, allowing hackers to inject Israel's spyware into phones via one phone call. So the level of security is something that worries the community.

As you know, Facebook has been one of the most discussed companies in delivering digital money through WhatsApp. While the company has been very secretive about its call Facebook Coin, and its interest and work with crypto, in general, Lite.Im movement could be considered as an introduction to & # 39 competition on Facebook.

The FacebookCoin that is already famous but doesn't exist is still full of mystery and speculation. The only thing that is known is that they say "it will be like Bitcoin," although the exact details of what that might mean is not known, because the money is likely to be stable stable t . The ability to send BTC via WhatsApp represents a significant increase for everyone in the crypto-verse and cryptons. This will be a major step for the adoption of cryptography.

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