Sunday , April 11 2021

TBT: Morelia, Blue Cross and the 2011 Clausura battle

This one Day 17 o & n Open 2018 he has a game with a lot of history, Morelia face Blue cross in the Morelos Stadium. There is a place duel The Machine defends the leadership, while the Michoacan tries to tie their ticket to Liguilla.

But remember what happened seven and a half years ago, a May 15, 2011, when the box is Monarchs He remembered a game, turning an adverse score of 2-0 of the Ida game, and finished to win 3-2 overall.

That day in the Morelos everything was "rosy", because they had achieved the three goals needed to access the Final Limit of the Closes 2011 (with double of Rafa Márquez Lugo and one of Jaime Lozano), but only in minute 44 of the second half when everything went out of control.

He attacked a mock amateur in the field to deceive him; in the face Gerardo Torrado; your partner Fausto Pinto he applied and here it was Christian Giménez who reached a flight & # 39; to hit the attacker in an artistic way.

As a result, the situation exploded and both schools had been involved in punching, pushing and kicking. Y Chaco He was the one who lost more control and introduced the blast of all kinds to local people. The shooter Jesus Corona he gave him a tremendous heading in the physical coach micoacan face, Sergio Martín

Corona stops the mock amateur who goes to court


In the face of violence, whistle Francisco Chacón decided to abolish Christian Giménez e Isaac Romo without part The Machine, through o The Queen see the red Miguel Sabah, who in the end had lost the final against Ida Shirts.

The game ended and some Tomás Bachgen They went on to fight the title against those UNAM, which was similar in City of the University with global 3-2 and won their seventh league championship.

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