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Tania Morales is Miss Jalisco 2018


Last week, Mazamitla Magical Town, the final of the Jalisco 2018 competition was held, where Tania Morales was 21 years old to become the new queen of this beautiful leaflet, and the young people represented the Ixtlahuacán borough of the Membrillos and now ready to compete at a national level to win the Miss Mexico crown, a beauty competition that makes international contact with Miss World.

Although final finishing had to run around 8:00 pm, technical failures and weather complications delayed the event several times. Attendance Samo to entertain the night, but according to the organizers, I can cancel it in the afternoon. Despite the cold night that a dentist did at the attendees, this did not prevent the mood of the families of the 13 finalists at the top to support and know who would be fortunate to carry the pride of a crown 2018 Miss Jalisco.

Tania Morales moved to tears, that she was very fortunate with the victory and to represent her that a dream came true. "I'm very happy, I'll be happy because I've had a lot to fight, but I've been a dream since I was great, I do not believe it, they are & # 39; Give me the crown and that's the happiest thing in my life, it will indicate my life this moment. Thanks to all the people who trusted me and I appreciated all the support for other people I did not know, but what happened (that I & # 39; know them) here. I'm very happy because everything I did was a very great sacrifice and here was shown. "

Tania explains when she refers to the fact that the sacrifice is present to find where she is, because she was not from the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, she had to travel to the city earlier than the rest of his counterparts. "I came Ixtlahuacán and I have to go to Guadalajara through a truck, I had to pick up very early, I had to take two hours before my time, if I was scheduled for 07 : 00, we will rise at 05:00. So it was a sacrifice. "

Within the competition Miss Jalisco had several challenges to develop, one of these called "Beauty with purpose" where all participants had to work for a social case, in the case of Tania, this was to help a nursing home, "for (fighting), because they are left, they are still interesting and valuable people who need workshops, visits and lots of attention so they do not feel lonely, because the shelter environment is very difficult ".

Hard work

Tania says that what is coming now is to work with each other with the organization on the new steps that come, "I am prepared to work during the day, during the weekend, because here's what I like and I do not see. No obstacle. "The young woman studied Cosmetology, she has a business herself, she's turned 21 years old, she was celebrating with the institution.

Before Tania, before winning Miss Jalisco's crown, was also a model, has been more than three years practicing this profession, in fact, he participated in a fashion editorial for THE INFORMATOROR in 2016 using pieces of Aviesc and Mosma Fashion brands or Jalisco. During the night and before knowing how to win, Morales won "Model Top" and "Beach Beauty" challenges.

Count of the final

The first final was Nancy Torres from Zacoalco de Torres to Jimena Ávila or La Huerta as a second time, who also won the overall culture challenge. In the top five, together with Tania -the winner- a Nancy a Jimena, María Vargas or Zapopan, who received an award self-control a photogenic, a Fernanda Cranks from Tuxpan, who won the challenges of English and sport.

The other competitors who were one step away from fulfilling their dream were Guadalupe Sandoval de Tonalá, who won a "Beauty with purpose" challenge in defense of Jalisco's traditions, culture and crafts. Veronica Morones de Guadalajara, won Miss Sympathy; Diana de Anda or San Juan de los Lagos, who won the multimedia challenge; Citlalli Espinoza won the game with Tania in the "Top Example" challenge, so they also took part, Grettel Blond of Tequila, Laisha Rodriguez or Amatitán, The Aile Ibarra o Chapala a Brenda Gonzalez or Tlajomulco. The event drivers were in Diego Garci, The Mister Supranational 2016 a Yoana Gutiérrez, Miss Mexico Grand 2017.

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