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taking advantage of everything in the Wrecking Field, a multi-player Crackdown 3


The loss of a building on my enemies is not high jumping and going through building bundles has never been so colorful until we can do it in the multiple mode of Crackdown 3. During a presentation X018, Microsoft gave a date of departure for the title and introduced its multiplier mode, known as the Wrecking Area, and we had the opportunity to play.

Within the Xbox Fan Fair in Mexico City, we were able to try a Hunter Agent. This is a 5 v 5 game where both teams must face each other in a 10 minute round. The objective is to kill and get the largest number of Badges released by the enemies when they die. This time in this way is that what is not the case is deaths, but the Badges that have been obtained. These disappear after 10 seconds, so you have to be fast or have been close to receiving, otherwise your effort will be vain. Given that it is played at a very vertical level and the Badges can fall, you have to think twice when you make the last shot in an enemy.

Before starting to detail the gameplay, I have to say that I'm pretty surprised when compared to what I saw in E3 2017, last year when you could see something about the game. Not much attention is as much as level level detail – ultimately, the position where it was played from the Blackout Zone name seems more space in Tron of a city within a Crackdown universe – if it is not destructive. This does not mean that all buildings fall, but you do not shoot a wall and this is the only thing that falls. Here there are bridges that you can shoot, and depending on the explosive weapon you have, the damage you can make to the building. It's fun, especially when you're in the demo and people do not know it well, it was fun to see how the bridges were falling, with people above or below.

This way greatly rewards how you move on the map, how conscious you are in this regard, the enemies that you will eliminate, as well as how aggressive you can be. This is stated with small details, such as your health being regenerated if you can not shoot for 5 seconds, or if you know when you see the enemy agent with a number of red lines appearing on your character as if they were laser scenes. Knowing how to move between buildings, and use their advantage to hunt other agents, of great importance in the game

Before starting each round, select your weapons. As the Crackdown universe, you can imagine that these are large, rough and powerful, and they are. The basic tools range from machine guns, plasma rifles and shapes. On his behalf, secondary weapons are explosive so you can find rocket launchers, towers led to experimental weapons, all with some damage to other agents, such as buildings. Finally, you can also choose some additional powers, in the case of this demo, get Vertical Blast, which sends you to flight to the sky, which can help you when you target more than two enemies and leave your line of sight, or Overshield, which will protect you for more time.

The platform, Blackout Zone, is a simulation of the Crackdown world that the Agency uses to train its agents, with lots of neon lights and black colors. The scenario is very vertical, which exploits the great blows that agents can put, as well as destroying the environment. The nature of Crackdown makes this approach, as well as destruction and environment, creates a fast game and requires players' attention between explosions, blows and falling structures.

During the battle, one of the current details is the Overdrive Energy, which is a filled bar depending on the deaths, the Assistance or destruction you make at the level , or through a red throne that can be seen along this one What is surrendered is that you are rewarded for your actions, becoming faster, more durable and with larger pictures powerful, making you a more deadly agent. Advantage, and disadvantage, is that it is easy to follow the other players on the stage, as their silhouettes appear. This helps a lot to find other players, taking into account the size of the map and considering its vertical, radar would not have served a lot.

Regarding the controls, they feel very intuitive and extremely simple. The ease of making a double or even heavyweight, and you have a weapon change quickly and without problems.

Something that should be mentioned is that, by showing a very basic version of this mode, it's very hard to know how deep it can be. With a few tools, only one level, and with no signs of progress, it is hard to know what is waiting for us in the future. Fortunately, on February 15, Crackdown 3 release day, it does not look so far.

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