Thursday , October 6 2022

SNTE solves the payment to teachers


National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) leaders signed agreements so that debts for secondary and senior education workers were resolved in the next two cuts.

This was reported at the follow-up meeting of the National National Second Day and the Trade Unions, chaired by Professor Juan Diaz de la Torre, but it was also said that debits should be settled by no later than 30 November.

It was explained, in the case of the Mexican National Institute of Technological, that a thousand of 56 cases have registered up to now, most of which refer to older incentives, but also happy to retire, disabilities and resignation payments.

100% will be resolved next November 15 and will be reviewed, via the campus, across the country to find out any other event and be paid on the last day of this month.

In terms of higher secondary education, SNTE has a total of 8,975 documentary cases, and 834 have already been resolved; In the next two weeks the educational authority will eliminate another thousand of 519 debts and the remainder on 30 November. Detailed payments will be carried out in each country to pay outstanding payments.

During the meeting it was reported that, following completion of the Educational Consultation Forums organized by the next federal government, of 63,000 619 proposals received up to that, 90% (57,000 257) were introduced by members SNTE, convened by the national leaders and departments.

The union support provided by the union was given to education workers affected by weather events in Coahuila, Sonora and Nayarit. In this last entity, 12 tonnes of food and equipment and cleaning materials were introduced.

Those who are affected are supported with insurance and loan procedures to repair or rebuild their homes.

Regarding the forthcoming appraisal period, it was repeated that the union will remain vigilant that the rights of teachers are respected in the process and that the law is determined.

SNTE General Secretary Alfonso Cepeda Salas led the follow-up meeting of the National National Second Day and the Trademark Dissemination. This day began on August 28, with the aim of maintaining the security of a job, respect for the benefits and social security of members of the union.

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