Tuesday , January 25 2022

SCT Jalisco reduces the deficiencies in a light rail designated by Alfaro


GUADALAJARA, Jal. (approved) .- The representative of the Communications and Transportation Secretary (SCT) Jalisco, Salvador Fernandez Ayala, denied that the neoprene (which serves as a shock absorption that prevents vibrations between columns and beams) has & # 39 ; to install on line 3 of the light line that does not yet operate.

And it was reducing the fact by saying they failed to "the required quality", and the companies in charge will have to replace them.

Last night, he said he failed through his social networks, the governor-elect Enrique Alfaro Ramírez failed and asked President Enrique Peña Nieto five questions, including, if he was aware of That error, how much it would cost to repair, if there are no other shortcomings and if users do not endanger it.

The representative said that, with inspection trips carried out on a 1 and 2 viaduct, they realize that the wet uniforms do not have the necessary quality in the project.

"These plates have a useful life of about 10, 12 years and nothing could be said, however (…) because of poor quality for just five or six years," explained Fernández Ayala.

He claimed that the mistake was not concealed and the technical documents of the reception received became aware of it.

He advised that the SCT had directed "the contractors companies to restore all of the neoprene plates instantly."

The cost will be included by contractors

He said that the replacement of wet costumes in the next three months does not prevent the continuation of 18 train wagons and tests "because the movements (remedies) are made under an aqueduct, with simple cranes and mechanical jack of high tons, It's up to five millimeters metallic piece, enough to replace and repeat the current neoprene plate, "he said.

Contractors will pay the replacement cost of the neoprene referred by Salvador Fernández, and the time he or she occupies comes into the period of six months of certification and inspection tests.

He also confirmed that the company Neoprenos Moldeados S.A of C.V is a company that has supplied Neoprenos of the Mexico-Toluca Train and, according to the official, it has the necessary experience.

He argued that "a safe and reliable train will be introduced," but did not give an opening date.

He said if President Enrique Peña was coming, the introduction or opening of the work would not be, but to "start the whole inspection work. That means that the train is already running 21.5 kilometers," he says.

In 2014, the cost of Line 3 of Light Rail was calculated at 17,000 692,000,000 pesos. Now, according to the investment project of the Ministry of Finance, it would be 29,000 288 million 61,000 927 pesos.

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