Thursday , October 6 2022

Screen that doubled as a book, Samsung's new bet


Samsung shows a new phone with a bending screen in a bid to revolutionize a full segment of black and glossy black and white looks.

This Wednesday, at its San Francisco software developers conference, the company offered a program of what's called Flex Infinity Exhibition and published new software to manage large tools. Developers will be able to create applications for the device, such as other Samsung phones, based on an Android operating system.

South Korea's huge technology did not reveal when the device goes for sale, how much it will cost or what it will be called.

The essentials, however, are clear. The device looks like a typical smartphone when it is closed, but it opens as a book and reveals another 7.3 inch screen, which would be one of the most released ones. It will be big enough to run three applications alongside, over the two that allow Note 9, Samsung's latest Samsung smartphone.

The company said the screen can be folded hundreds of thousands of times and announced that it also proves other people rolling and stretching, although it did not show devices with these technologies.

Samsung aims to launch a simulator to help developers write and test applications for the bending screen and will arrange sessions to learn how to write software for the device.

The company works with Google and its Android asset to develop the basic software that will make the folding tools work. Glen Murphy, Android design director, spoke at the conference.

In October, Bloomberg News said that the folding phone will be at the disposal of at least the second quarter of 2019. Samsung confirmed on Wednesday that mass production of screens will start in the coming months.

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