Thursday , May 19 2022

RUMOR: Sony will reveal PlayStation 5 in 2 seconds during 2019


A few days ago, the Entertainment Software Society revealed that after 24 years in a row, Sony will not attend E3 2019, a decision that the industry and supporters took a surprise, leading to a series of specifications. For obvious reasons, the environment addresses rumors about Japanese company plans and today revealed information about it.

Many PlayStation fans are almost certain that Sony's decision to leave E3 2019 and focus on closer relationships with consumers, because of other reasons, to release the next PlayStation, and we know theoretically like PlayStation 5. Starting of & That assumption, the supporters have searched for information and their search led to reddit, where the user who lost the information was linked to E3 2019 a day before ESA and Sony confirmed that he had notified that the company's plan is to present its next comfort next year in 2 seconds.

According to the words of the user, Sony unveils the PlayStation 5 smoothly in mid-2019 to turn the supporters hype and will be PlayStation Experience 2019 when the new console is presented with a base and a cymbal. At the same time, the user assured that the most important companies are already working with PS5 development packages and defined the console as "monster" in a positive sense. Finally, the information came to the conclusion leaving in the air the possibility that important titles like The last of the USA: Part II, The Death String a Tsushima Spirit then cross-genes, although they have not been published as titles PS4, have undertaken a sales strategy to ensure they will be in the existing Sony console.

What do you think about the rumors around PS5? Will Sony's plans have changed sharply in recent months?

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