Friday , May 27 2022

"Roma", by Cuarón, has not yet released and has 99% positive reviews


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The recent movie from Alfonso Cuarón, "Rhufain", It has not yet been published to the public and is already having good comments and criticism.

A proof of this is the great degrees he has got across the globe.

The metasium is dedicated to collecting reviews and reviews of films and series Rotten tomatoes So far qualified for a Cuarón tape with 99% freshness and the audience has given a 95% approval.

From 84 reviews that the website collects, 83 give it a positive rating, while only the one that catalogs the movie is just one critic and shot in the Mexico City so bad.

One of the specialists who was shocked by the feature movie Cuaron was Joe Morgenstern, a film critic with Wall Street Journal, who said that the film was "a lovely promotion to the main figure of her childhood (by Alfonso Cuarón) , a domestic assistant and one of the most beautiful films I've seen (a language of great height, really real) ".

So far only the specialist printer Kevin Maher of Times UK has been happy with the movie, saying "too often, Rome feels uninterrupted (the family & # 39; not very boring) and I'm not sure what he's trying to tell about Cleo's life and her condition, if she'll say anything. "

The Metacritic site is considered to be the Best Film of 2018 to date.

This site collects critics of 25 media such as Entertainment Weekly, Vulture, Vanity Fair and The Guardian, among others, which averages 95% of the movie that is $ 39. ; n play Cleo (Yalitzia Aparicio) and inspired by the life of Libo, nai Cuarón, during her childhood in the Roma neighborhood.

The film will be broadcast first in Mexican theaters on November 21.


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