Saturday , May 28 2022

Roland Cantu NFL game canceled the bad image of the Azteca Estadio of Mexico


Former offensive guardian NFL Cardinals Arizona Rolando Cantu was worried today the cancellation of the game that Kansas City and Los Angeles Rams Prime Ministers would argue in the Aztec Mexico stadium on November 19, due to the poor state of the # 39; r playing field


Cantu, the international business manager of the Cardinals, told EFE that it was a painful situation for Mexico because of the bad image that he left with the NFL and noted the idea that another stadium could serve as a host in the years to come.

"I'm not talking about the fact that the Mexican fans can not enjoy this game, it looks bad to Azteca, now that the game is played, people are leaving dissatisfied and the NFL must evaluate this situation, You can even see other locations in Mexico, as Azteca is not the only stadium to # 39 ; w do, "he said.

The Mexican was excited because, in 2023, Arizona will hold LVII Super Bowl and one of the requirements was to celebrate an official game outside the US.

"I hope they will not take the games in Mexico, and I hope we can create a plan to look after Azteca as long as I can accept the NFL, and of course we would like to go to Mexico despite what happened NFL will be responsible for making an investigation, "he added.

Azteca Stadium authorities changed the playground of natural grass to hybrids, in May, but the grass has not been in ideal conditions.

The NFL's concern increased in recent days when a number of aerial photos of the stadium showed serious damage to the lawn, especially after a recent musical concert.

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